This Bee Removal was Full of Drama

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Bees were living in this stack of theater  equipment and i was called to remove them. 

The homeowner was a local drama teacher, & the bees moved into these pieces of stage

being stored in the backyard. You can see how the bees were using this rotted out hole as the entrance to their hive.

After the stage pieces were disassembled, I got  my first good look at the hive & it was just beautiful!

I could tell from all the fresh comb  that it didn't look like the bees had been here  

for too long, but they were very active and while  there were a lot of bees flying around they were  

not aggressive or trying to sting me at all. So I set the new hive as close to the stage as possible  

i thought this would help the bees get into it a  bit more easily when they were ready for it.  

But first I would have to get most of the comb and the colony and hopefully the queen into the new hive,

So i got to work. I knew that i would have to  take extra care when working with this hive  

...the beeswax comb was so soft and delicate and I wanted to keep it all as intact as possible  

So i did my best to hold the comb together  as I removed the first piece of the hive.

This piece had some food on it so I took a  moment to look for the queen but I didn't see her.

So I put this piece into a frame  of the new hive using rubber bands  

then i used my smoker to clear the bees from  the next piece of comb that I needed to remove.  

This piece was just as soft and flimsy as the  first and it broke in half as i grabbed it but  

the bees could still use everything inside of  it and they would even put it back together. 

So I carefully put it into the new hive and I did the same thing with the rest of this piece.  

Then I paused for a moment to just observe the  bees and to see if i could find the queen.  

And that's when I saw one of my all-time favorite bee  behaviors to see inside the hive!

The bee in the center of all the other bees who is shaking her abdomen and walking around in circles is actually