How to Harvest Honeybee Pollen

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hey everybody I just got done doing a

little bit of trimming around the

Beehive here and I thought that this

would be a good time to show you about

the pollen collector that we have on

this now this is still it's about 7 a.m.

in the morning here and the bees are

still a little sleepy which is why it

makes it nice and easy come out here and

you can see all I do is I come out here

and there's the mulch that keeps it down

right by the entrance but then I trim

back about a you know was about four

feet and then let it go crazy from there

but anyway I digress I can do all that

early in the morning without agitating

the bees well this is the pollen

collector here this is the tray that

collects the pollen and then around the

other side there's a false wall and you

can actually change this out you can