Honey Bees Make Honey ... and Bread? | Deep Look

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OK, time to head to work.

But before this honey bee starts her commute, she’s prepping her tools.

Because honey bees collect pollen.

You knew that.

But it’s not as simple as you might think.

Plants want the bees to carry the pollen away and spread it to other flowers.

That's pollination, how plants reproduce.

But bees also need to carry lots of it home – pollen is a protein-packed food for the


Luckily, they have the right gear.

They’re hairy, like tiny flying teddy bears.

She’s covered in 3 million hairs for trapping pollen.

They’re even on her eyes.

Here on her legs, they’re shaped into spiky brushes

and flat combs.

When she lands on a bloom, she really gets in there.

Nibbling on the flower’s anthers detaches the pollen.

Time to pack up her haul.

She cleans it off her eyes and antennae with those brushes on her front legs ...

like windshield wipers.

Here it is up close.