Can I Add Honey to the Apple Cider Vinegar Drink?

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i had another question from someone that wanted to know can i add honey

to apple cider vinegar some people add lemons some people don't

but the honey part is what we're going to focus on here's the problem with

honey 56 of it is fructose and 44

of it is glucose now these numbers aren't exact there's some other sugars

in there as well uh it has a glycemic index of 78.

it's high now glucose has a glycemic index of 100

now you might have this idea that eating pure glucose is going to be

really really bad and if we add some fructose in there which actually will

lower the glycemic index it's going to be a lot better

the problem with fructose is that it's not dealt with by all your cells in

your body only the cells in the liver can deal

with fructose so it puts a lot of stress in the liver and it creates a lot of

problems now honey compared to sugar is obviously

a little bit better if you had the choice you know of course

honey is a little bit better because it has some antioxidants so it's

good for various things wound healing it has some

antimicrobial properties it may help you with certain allergies

but overall it's low in actual nutrients and it's a little bit better

than refined sugar but not much so that's the long answer

to the question but the short answer is no thanks for watching