How to easily make Almond milk at Home which will NOT separate.

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hi everyone welcome to in an outpost

kitchen today we are making almond milk

I'll put the recipe in the description

box all you need when you are making

almond milk is the great are ones and

you have to soak them overnight to be

like this so these ones are soaked

overnight and this one's I'd write in

what I'm going to do is to blend these

almonds so I'm using the blender this is

the heavy duty blender that I have so

I've already discarded the water that I

was using I've rinsed them and now I

just in the blender then I add water the

water that is the water that you drink

because when we make our Monique we

don't boil it so you need to use the

water that you

so after blending like this I'm going to

use my cheese cloth or not bag this is a

not bag that I have so what I'm going to