Chicken Keeping Basics - How To Pick Up A Chicken

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(Terry) Hi. I'm going to talk about how to pick up a chicken today.

Picking up chickens is one of those basic things that you have to do if you are a chicken owner.

But a lot of people don't do it.

You need to pick up a chicken, let's say they are injured,

or you want to check for external parasites, or you just want to cuddle with them.

In order to pick up a chicken, you have to catch them first.

It's a lot easier to catch a chicken that likes you.

My chickens...come up to me because I have treats.

And you can see they are very familiar with me,

and they know that I have something really delicious and yummy for them.

I need to pick her up.

All I have to do is reach down.

I hold onto her wings so she can't go anywhere.

It's not too squeezing, but it's just enough.

I pick her up. I'm always going to hold her wings against her side.

It keeps her calm.

Isn't she a beautiful bird?

This is not a bird that likes to be cuddled.

She's complaining a little bit.

But as long as I keep her secure --don't worry about the feet--

keep her secure, keep her wings at her side.

Chickens like to be pet like this.

I hold her by the wings here.

This way she is secure and she can't flap away.

If I do this, do you see what happens? You don't want to hold a chicken like that.

You always want to gently hold their wings.

When their wings are held on their side like this, they are calm.

This is something you can do to check to make sure that they have a full crop,

check that their eyes look good,

check that their feet are healthy, she's dirty but she's healthy.

I want to check for lice.

The lice usually appear in the back area here, by the vent.

She's got lots of feathers, it is hard to see like this.

So what I do is I hold her like this,

I turn her upside down, I keep her feathers at her side.

Hi. She complains, don't worry about it.

And I'm going to do this. I look right here.

And she's good. No signs of external parasites.

I go to put her back down, nice and gently, we are all done.


Hi. This is Twinkydink.