How to Properly Hold a Chicken

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it's Johnson's covert we're here on my

farm and I'm with my friend dr. Mike

from the Connecticut poultry Association

and poultry expert extraordinaire I

handle a lot of chickens and Mike's here

to make sure I do it the right way so

dr. Mike I'm holding the chicken because

you just showed me how but how do you

can you show everybody how to hold the

chicken properly yeah there's an easy

way to hold chickens that is comfortable

for them and allows you to look at all

the different parts of the bird so the

basic thing is I'm not sharing with my

fingers first and I will show it on the

bird so if I have my two fingers out

like this and say the head of the bird

is going in towards the camera so we're

you guys looking at okay I would do is

take my first or index finger and go

from the head right down the breast okay

and in between the legs like that

so you can see I'm in between the two

legs and John's got it now and then put

your thumb around the thigh on one side

and the rest of your fingers on the

phone the other side and from that

position you can squeeze and hold the

guard very well so John's doing that I'm

going to take the bird from John the way

I do that is I put my hand his hands

underneath hold it mine is going to go

right under his hand like that and I'm

going to take the bird from them and I

have both legs right now so you can see

I got both legs first finger in between

thumb on the side three fingers on the

other side

it's holding tight now from this

position I can look at the bird in all

the different directions that I need to

and if I'm holding tight and proper I

can turn the bird upside down it doesn't

go crazy doesn't flap its wings and it's

comfortable because the notion kind of

control and at this point I can walk

with the bird put the head under my arm

and now the business hands away from me

I'm a general is important John if I

don't like you today I get the business

end so that's how we hold the bird

proper wing that was really great it was

definitely a little different than I've

been holding chickens and this allows

you one hand and you can move the

feathers around when your check

on a chicken and do a more thorough

inspection to check the health and

well-being your your birds where's your

boom so on camera I think we'll end on

that note

what does I say there's the end