Chicken Showmanship Demonstration

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in this video I'll be showing how to

show a chicken in showmanship the number

one thing that you want to know in all

showmanship is about your animal that

you're shown I want to know certain

characteristics that are specific to the

breed of chicken you showing such as a

single comb in this breed which is a

deaf phantom the first thing that you

show is the head to do this you take

these two fingers and you put them in

between the birds legs and you take your

pinky your pointer finger to clamp the

legs together to secure the bird and

then you also take the thumb and try and

hold down the weak

it gives it secures the bird better that

way they won't fly the first step is to

show the head you shoulder the bird to

show up it you bring the bird around and

put it over your shoulder first you show

the head the eyes take your thumb and

bump the beak to show the first off you

want to know why you're showing me and

you tell the judge you check the eyes

bring signs of blindness any foreign

material in eyes to make sure a bit of

our eyes are the correct color and that

they're not half colour and to make sure

that there are no parasites in the eyes

such as Iowa next after you show the

head you show the wings bring the bird

around in fan out the wing that the

judge tells you to fan out gently fan it

up and down we want to know the parts of

the wing there are seven parts to the

wing in the standard book of perfection


there are nine parts of the wing on the

body Anatomy page there's the primaries

the secondaries the axial feather which

is located in between the primaries and

secondaries the wing fo the wing bar the

primary coverts wing front wing shoulder

and the tween web then you'll fan out

the other wing and then you move on next

you'll show the with the bottom measure

the with the body make sure you don't

show them with body this way because it

blocks the judges you can put your hand

around this way to show next your show

the under color brush the feathers

forward towards you and back the other

way forwards and backwards under color

of this bird is white as you can see

under color is important because it

determines top color next you'll show

the breastbone simply if your move your

bird like this brush the legs back and

refine the breastbone with your fingers

the breastbone is important because it

determines the overall condition of a

bird next you'll show the legs feet and


make sure you show each each foot

individually pads and tops and know why

you're showing the legs you check the

legs to make sure that the legs are the

correct color for the breed of chicken

in this case Dutch Bantam should have

slight legs which he does and you also

check the legs feet and toes to make

sure that there are the correct number

of toes Dutch Bantam should have four

toes three rock toe

Hunter you also check to make sure the

bird doesn't have scaly leg last is the

pose this is the most important part of

showing on your berth it will take a

while to master the pose but eventually

look at it ideally you want your bird to

stay still without you having to hold

them down if you know your bird is going

to stay you can put your hands behind

your back but if you know that it's

going to fly off you want to put a hand

over top of bird to prevent it from

doing so this concludes the flexor

showmanship demonstration