How to Hold a Knife - Properly Using a Chef's Knife

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you know working with a professional

chef knife can be a daunting task but if

done properly and you develop good

technique you can work with it for hours

without fatigue well a lot of that has

to do with the way you handle the knife

and the and your grip so I want to show

you a couple different ways to grip the

knife now one way is with your thumb

over the bolster okay not common but

it's acceptable another way is holding

on to the handle the next is to choke up

one finger and just grip the knife and

then some people will even choke up two

fingers these are all acceptable they

just have to be comfortable to you

what's not acceptable is this this is

not stable so a lot you'll see a lot of

people put their finger on the knife

it's not stable the other problem is the

strength in your arm ends up stressing

the tendons in the back of your hands so

when you're cutting initially it won't

hurt but if you're doing it for hours

all of a sudden you're going to notice a

lot of wrist fatigue and hand fatigue

and this might be something it turns

into carpal tunnel syndrome further down

the road so practice your grip find one

that's comfortable then the cutting

motion I want to make a circular motion

so notice that my knife is never leaving

the board it's just making a nice circle

now when a chef cut something they use

this hand as the guide hand to hold it

the positioning of this hand is crucial

I want to make sure that my fingers are

rolled back and that my hand doesn't

spread out all right it's stuck in that

position so as I cut I actually move my

hand backward and I develop a rhythm

this is Kate remember my finger tips if

they're not sticking out if I can't see

them I can't cut them