CELLO BOW HOLD for BEGINNERS | Basics of Cello

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in today's lesson I'm going to share

with you how as a beginner you can

understand what this is so let's zoom in

and go step by step into how to learn a

cello bow hold begin with your right

hand imagine that the right hand is dead


the contract is probably a mammal so now

that it's nice and loose you will start

with the little finger here Buzzi should

why would you do that best you do down

on groshi' premier finish you align your

forefinger with the dot and you want to

keep it so you have the first filling G

on the Frog if you have longer fingers

you may cover it shorter fingers may be

up here the rest of the fingers come and

relax as natural as possible on the rest

of the bow the first finger here wraps

on the mental piece you see where it's

discolored the middle finger touches

this other piece that connects to the

bow hair the third finger just sort of

finds its way in between the fourth

finger and middle finger your fingers

are nice and flat you're not holding

like a spider you're not doing this

you're flat and then the role of thumb

is even more important could be the one


just the long course the lapis

and it is on the nook half on half off

your frog sitting on its right side

put your thumb there and allow your

fingers to come and naturally fall into

place if you want to learn this a little

more detailed I have a trick for you

have your fourth finger in place and

your thumb in place and release these

three fingers Ballinger bow then allow

your fingers to drop back into place

notice how the knuckles sloped down

toward this direction the point of the

bow now let's see how this looks on the

cello we start with our right hand make

sure that it is dead

next we take the bow align it with the

fourth finger and the eye just above it

and then we take the rest of the fingers

naturally lie them into place with the

first finger wrapping around to apply

pressure the middle finger engaging in

the middle here touching a little bit of

the metal everything flat on the second


the thumb sits on the nook half on half

off on its right side and lastly you

want to turn in toward the knuckles the

knuckles are sloping in toward the point

of the bow one more angle here's our

hand nice and relaxed the elbows relaxed

take your hand put it into place fourth

finger align with the eye the rest of

the fingers drop naturally into place

thumb goes half on half off the Nook and

then you angle your fingers in to apply

pressure making those knuckles turn

toward this end of your bow thank you

for watching my video on how to hold a

Telugu for beginners if you learned

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understanding how to hold a bow I will

be uploading much more content regarding

bow technique and how this is 80% of

your cello music these videos might be

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