Hold Your Phone Like A Bad-Ass | 7 Tips To Better Hold iPhone Android or Galaxy

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So, have you ever looked around and noticed how when a lot of men are looking at their

phone, it just looks weak it just looks bad?

Their neck is bent over they've got their hands together like this.

They kind of make themselves smaller, they scringe themselves together, it just doesn't

look good.

So, I'm out there looking for information on how to hold your phone and look like a


I couldn't find any research titled like that, but I did find better ways to hold and to

look at your phone talking about posture, talking about best practices, talking about


So, I brought it all together in this video.

Tip number one to looking better with your phone is to turn it off and put it in your


I know I'm cheating right there.

Some of guys are like, Antonio come on.

But here's the thing, self-awareness knowing what's going on around you.

So, when you're driving when you're walking when you are out in and around with friends,

turn it off put it away.

Pay attention to the people you're with to your situation.

Self-awareness seems to be something that a lot of people have forgotten.

I've seen people walking down the street two blocks not even looking up from their phone.

What if their future wife is walking right by?

She's checking you out, she likes what she sees, you don't even look up.

So, look around, be aware of what's going on.

Make eye contact, engage with other people.

Yes, check your phone when you need to, but keep it off when you don't need it.

Tip two to looking great with your phone is to choose strong poses versus weak poses.

So, I was talking about this at the beginning, but if you put your hands like this and you

bring in your shoulders you keep, you know, your elbows in, this is relatively a weak


You're trying it looks like you're making yourself smaller.

Instead, how about you actually take up a little bit of room, hold the phone up here

and check it out.

Take up a little bit more room.

Maybe if you're sitting down, you prop your elbow up.

Now, I'm not talking about manspreading on a subway where you take up three to four seats.

No, I am talking though about being comfortable.

Now, you know, owning your space and in a sense sends a signal of power.

Tip number three for holding your phone better is to bring your phone to your face, not your

face your phone.

Make sense?

So, anyone in the military probably remembers the whole food to the face not your face to

the food.

I took a little bit of a change on that because the studies that I read talked about, okay,

so when you've got a zero degree tilt on your neck and you're looking straightforward, you

have your phone up here, 10 to 12 lbs of pressure right here on your neck.

However, go down 60 degrees, you're looking at it like this, 60 lbs of pressure right

here on your neck.

What does that do?

Over time that's going to curve you spine, it's going to have a detrimental effect on

your health.

Tip number four to better hold your phone is to lie on your back.

So, lie on your back take all the pressure off your neck and then you hold your phone

up like this.

Now, there's a couple advantages to this.

One, like I said you're going to take the pressure right off your neck.

The other one you're using a different muscle group to actually hold your phone.

And, yes, your arm will probably get a little bit tired, more tired faster, but, hey, spending

less time on the phone, always a good thing.

Tip number five to holding the phone better is actually hold it farther from your face.

What they find is on average people are holding phones 7 to 10 inches from their face.

Now, it used to be with newspapers, magazines, books, they were more like 14 inches.

What's interesting is the text the size of it that we're reading on our phone versus

the newspaper or the book is about the same.

So, this larger text closer to our eyes is actually causing eye strain and it's causing


So, one of the better things you can do and, again, this is you creating new habit is to

move it a bit farther away more like, you know, at least 14 inches maybe 12 is going

to be okay.

You know you probably don't need to go out to 16 inches unless you've got really good


The point being avoid the phone being too close, it's not good for your eyes.

Tip number six to better holding your phone is actually buy the right phone to begin with.

This comes down to the size specifically your hands size your thumb length and actually

what's going to work with that.

If you want something that's comfortable, something you can use for one hand, don't

be drawn necessarily to the bigger phone.

If you've got smaller hands, go towards the smaller phones.

If you've got even larger hands and I'm talking LeBron James' size hands, then, yes, go maybe

towards the bigger phones, you'll find them functional.

The point being, you want to have the phone that's right for you.

So, this next tip I just thought was really interesting and they compared actually reception.

If you were to hold a phone in your right hand and put it up to the right ear or you

hold the phone in the left hand and put it up to your left ear and they found by far

that phones held on the right hand to the right ear are always going to have better


I think they talk about the placement of the antenna, but, you know, I don't know if that's

going to make you look better, but it is going to make you have less of a puzzled look when

you keep, you know, you're not dropping a call as much as the guy that's holding over

here and keeps losing his call.

All right, gentlemen, so in the description of this video I'm going to link over the support


The support article, I'm going to go into more information about the research, I'm going

to bring in some graphics.

I'm going to bring in images.

A lot of stuff I talked about and I didn't get to get too deep in this video, I'm going

to get to in much more detail over there in that support article.

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Gentlemen, that's it.

Take care.

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