How to unhook catfish - tips for holding, burping and releasing catfish

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hello Luke here with cats and carp calm

but I'm gonna show you how to safely

unhook a catfish


all right so let me show you how to get

a circle hook out of a fish's mouth to

do is you go down as close to the

barbers you can reach and then get the

barb down to where it's snagging and

then jiggle it out okay it's kind of

you're twisting it out then jiggling

so let me show you how to hold a catfish

now catfish have three spines one right

here well one right here and one right

here okay and they have this kind of

like a shoulder blade right here it's

hard and so you grab them behind this

these fins and you can lock in a really

good grip on them and control the fish

hold his tail hold him like this by the

shoulder blades keep him from flopping

around and you'll be good if you do get

stung by a catfish don't worry about

rubbing slime in it or peeing it and all

these wives tales just clean it out

really good with some antiseptic and

you'll be fine all right you want to put

it on the throne back okay for larger

catfish you can hold them by gripping

their lower jaw and this works fine for

catfish up to about 15-20 pounds but

with larger catfish you want to control

them by holding the lower jaw but

support their body weight with your

other hand

just be careful putting your finger in

the cat fish's mouth because they can

chomp down pretty hard if a catfish

swallows the hook

it'll have about a 50% chance of

surviving if you can safely remove the

hook from the fish's stomach its odds of

survival go up so let me show you how to

get a hook out of a cat fish's stomach

oh yeah he swallowed it

okay check that out see how that hook is

way down in there he's got hooked I'm

gonna get that out without hurt so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna reach down his

throat and grab the hook like this I'm

gonna twist it with one hand and work

work the stomach off the point gently

we're not gonna pull it we're gonna

twist and push the meat off the hook and

I'm wearing gloves because they - your

hands up terribly when they do this

catfish have two sets of teeth they have

the teeth on their lips and then they

have a set of teeth in their throat

right now he is trying to chew me up

with the set of teeth in his throat

those are their crushers look at that no

bleeding dude we didn't pull it out and

if you ever want to know if you've hurt

the fish if you've torn its guts if you

had to be rough with it smell its throat

right now this smells just like fish I

mean nothing nor nothing out of the

ordinary smells normal if you'd torn up

the stomach it would smell like rotten

fish and death in there it just smells

like like roadkill okay if you tear the

stomach it'll stink bouche

okay guys let me show you what we got

here we got him

see he's gotten hooked this is his

stomach right there see what their

stomachs come out they do this a fair

amount if you've got hook on their

stomach turns inside out to me it seems

like that's how they vomit because I've

seen them push it out and in gently

trying to work the barb off the stomach

then what you do is if you just kind of

tuck the stomach back into its throat

he'll he'll put it back in so you can

see him right there he's doing it see

how it's slowly working itself back in

and he kind of swallows and Boop his

stomachs back in where it should be if

you really tear up their stomach it'll

stink to high heaven there we go nice

fish if you're fishing for catfish in 30

feet of water or deeper the catfish is

stomachs can expand full of gas when you

pull them up quickly off the bottom this

will cause the catfish to float upside

down and be unable to swim back to the

bottom I don't worry about this one I

think this one got gas he pulled up from

30 feet reeling the catfish

slowly off the bottom will help prevent

this but if your catfish is bloated what

you can do is massage their belly a

little bit you can also stick them in a

mesh bag over the side of the boat and

let them try to normalize a little bit

if you've exhausted the catfish by

fighting it swishing it gently back and

forth through the water can get more

water across its gills and more oxygen

in its blood and help it pep up will

hopefully enjoyed this video and learned

a thing or two about safely unhooking

and returning catfish you'd like to see

more videos from the catfish and carp

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