How To Safely Hold A Catfish (Without Getting Spined)

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all right this video we're gonna talk

about catfish this is a fish that we

don't talk about very often just just

caught one on a little jig but as far as

how to unhook these that these are and

you know these are saltwater catfish

these spines are very sharp and they

hurt very very badly if you get spine by

them so a lot of people will just not

touch the catfish and try to use pliers

and shake it off now I highly recommend

against that because when you when

you're shaking it off you lose control

and no telling where that fish is gonna

lay it sometimes it'll it'll come off in

your direction I've seen it happen

multiple times where people get pinned

after the the fish has gone off the lure

and gravity will either hit their leg or

hit their arm the best thing to do is

grab them and I'll show you how first

thing I'd like to just secure the hook

or the jig whatever whatever you have

them by that way as it shakes it can't

get you and what else to do is like go

from underneath these this spine is very

sharp and so I like to get them get them

agitated and then I get two fingers

below the spine below those pins and

then and then one above and just grab on

tight so now it can't it can't hurt me

no matter what right so that the parts

to watch out for the top one in the two

sides and once you hold them like this

they can't do anything you have 100%

control now you can just take the hook

out and then as far as releasing it now

I just simply just put upside down flick

it off and it's good and it's stuck it's

gone no harm done that's the safest way

that I found to release them I've caught

a bunch of catfish over the years I've

still never been spine by them because I

just go ahead and grab them the times

I've actually come close to getting to

getting barbed is when I'm using the

pliers or using using the little line

trick where you wrap line over I don't

recommend for catfish just grab them

grab them just like that and as long as

you're careful just make sure that you

control the head before you reach in

there it can't be flopping around too

much you do that properly you will never

get spine bottom you will have to worry

about you just get a little bit of slime

on your hands and that can be just wiped

off with that with the old rag but I

just wanted to share with you at least

the way that I've found to work best to

get those catfish off safely if you do

have any other method you know please do

leave a comment down below I'd love to

hear your thoughts and I'm sure others

would with it would as well so leave a

comment down below if you have any

otherwise thank you so much for your

time hoping you down the water soon

catch the big ones

please all by yourself or with your


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