How to Wash an Adult Cat for the First Time

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there are many reasons why a cat might

need a bath for the first time it could

be down to becoming particularly filthy

or to the presence of parasites

especially if they are in abundance do

you want to know what products to use

what should the procedure be like to

make the least intrusive for your cat we

answer your questions in this video and

how to wash an adult cat for the first

time any vet worth their salt will tell

you it is not necessary to bare the cat

which is in good health and is only

superficially dirty cats clean and groom

themselves with consistency so bathing

should only be done in situations where

you have no choice but to give them a

wash in which situation should we be the

cat extremely dirty cats cats which have

stopped cleaning themselves when it's

recommended by a veterinarian coming

into contact with toxic products in

cases not mentioned above we recommend

you try cleaning the cat with wipes a

damp cloth or a cat friendly dry shampoo

what you will need shampoo specially for

cats dry towels large bucket with warm

water small bucket tine brush or similar

if your cat is a long-haired cat you

will also need a detangle brush and

conditioner especially for cats start by

setting up everything you need in the

bathroom brush the cat thoroughly to

remove any accumulated dirt knots in

their coat or other entanglements you

may need a specific detangle brush to

cut out knocks in long-haired cats

before you start bathing it's advisable

to have someone else to help you this is

because a cat which has never been built

before may be particularly reluctant to

go in the water they may even be

aggressive before you start but this is

the case and you think the cat will be

too stressed I'll stop what you're doing

make an appointment with the vet if they

are fairly tolerant cats you can proceed

while the other person is holding them

still carefully wet the cat's body but

avoid the head gently begin soaking the

cat's fur with the shampoo massaging in

circles to ensure the soup penetrates


at the end of the process rinse with

plenty of water until it comes off

completely clean once the whole body is

rinsed we wrap it in a dry towel and rub

it to remove moisture then we'll wrap it

in another dry towel when the cat is

slightly drier apply the conditioner if

necessary and brush the cat's hair again

finish drying with the help of a hair

dryer on the lowest setting once dry

brush one last time now you're done

remember to wait between 1-2 days to

apply the pipette for deworming solution

so that's our video for today have you

ever had to bathe your cat what advice

would you give to other pet owners leave

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