Grooming a Difficult Cat

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hi my name is Amy right and today I'm

going to demo a modified lion cut Unruh

the cat here

wears a little bit nervous he's had a

rough weekend of traveling so I'm going

to jump right in and my goal with him is

to do this as quickly as possible

because the quicker I can get it done

the less affected he's going to be I'm

first gonna start by trimming his

toenails the Internet what I want to do

is try to be able to hold on to him so

he can't take off on me generally I do

that by wrapping my arm under the belly

and then holding the foot with the hand

I have underneath I use a lot of body

blocking techniques with my cat grooming

I don't like to restrain them I do as

little restraint as possible so my goal

is to keep him on the table and keep him

happy and safe while I'm doing this I

like to keep my cats at chest level it's

easier for me to have control that way

today I'm doing a 5 reverse on him and

I'm gonna start by going straight up his

back up

when I'm grooming a cat I am letting

them move around however they are

comfortable I want to do this with as

little trauma to them as possible

however he needs to be to keep him happy

and safe that's what I'm gonna do I like

to do a reverse because I can keep the

skin nice and tight and avoid catching

any flaps and I get a nice smooth cut

that way you're all right buddy you just

want to come up here oh good boy

by allowing him to stretch up like this

I'm getting a nice smooth cut because

that skin is pulled nice and tight to do

these front legs I'm going to try to

extend the leg and come straight up

you're alright with my five I go with

the grain down the leg to blend it in

and you'll notice I skip around and do

what he lets me do as he lets me do it

and he's a big guy so he's a handful

to try to keep control of when I do a

reverse flip a lot of times I will go

with the grain to pick up some extra

hair and then go back reverse it's

underneath here that you need to be very

careful make sure your skin is pulled

nice and tight so you don't catch

anything I don't like a Mane on a

short-haired cat so I'm going to go up

to the middle of his neck I like to

leave a nice little round head on there

you're doing very good buddy

hi to get under this neck I just grab

the chin and gently lift

and again I'm kind of skipping around

and getting done what he'll let me do no


this is where I'm going to want to sit

so I can get him at a nice chest level

so I can get these legs done

alright buddy

making sure that I'm just skimming under

these armpits enough to get all the hair

but not enough that I'm digging and can

possibly cause him injury and then I'm

going to come straight down the leg just

to pick up these hairs that are hanging

off so you have a nice neat finish on

there to get the fun to the leg I'm

going to extend it backwards and go

straight up toward the neck and that

will allow me to go down to and pick

that up

cats that act like this are indicative

of what we see in our shops so I like to

be able to show you something that has a

little difficulty to it and possibly

give you some ideas that'll make things

easier for you

and I just take the opportunity to get

the hair off where I can when he'll

allow me to all right I always start on

the back the back area and the front

half of the cap usually if they're going

to get angry or upset it's around the

back legs in the butt

nope hey I'm gonna give it a break here

for a second get him situated on the


give them a couple Pat's and some love

sure all right I promise and try to get

this front leg finished

if you notice I clipper with both hands

I find that that really helps if you're

able to groom a cat that way it gives

you a lot more opportunity to get in

where you need to when you need to I

don't have to move him around as much

and I can just flip hands and keep him

in the same position to get this belly I

hold them up by their front legs most of

them will allow you to do this and then

I can go all the way around the belly

area and take all that hair

now with these back legs is where

generally you're going to have the

problem with most cats I'm going to try

to turn them to the side to get the

outer area of the leg

and he's rolling this way so I'm just

gonna let him roll that way and finish

off this side

I like to stretch these back legs out so

that we have nice tight skin and then I

continue reverse down towards the belly

on the inside of the leg you'll notice I

have not stopped to check the heat of my

blade it's still just warm because of

the Clippers that I'm using these blades

don't heat up fast at all I can get the

entire cat done with using the same

blades and not worry about the heat

factor he's gonna put on to the edge of

the table and I'm gonna let him and just

get that hair off real quick

you can also grab the rest a little bit

of belly here to get the inside of that

leg I'm going to lay him on his side I'm

going to roll that leg over and I'm

going to use my fingers to hold that

skin bag so that I can't catch it in my


when I do the bike a lot of times I will

hold with this elbow pull up your tail

again you just want to gently skim in

this area because you don't want to

catch anything but you want to be able

to get all the hair up I like the lion

tail on him so I'm going to take my

fiber verse down his tail which he is

not into so I'll try a different way sit

down get him at chest level so I have

more control I can hold and this is what

I'll give him a break because he's a

little freaked out I want him just to

relax and calm down a little bit get my

cord out from under him I have to sit

here a few minutes and just reassure him

that it's okay and now he's in a

position where he's comfortable so I can

go back to trying to get this tail hair

off if I just let him stay how he's

comfortable he's gonna fight me a whole

lot less than if I try to make him do

what I want him to do

the only thing I'll have left then is

that little bit underneath the tail and

I should be able to get it fairly easily

just like that because I allowed him to

relax and get in a position where he's

comfortable you're all right buddy

now I'm going to do a once-over make

sure I got it all a clip like this pre

bath should take you about 10 to 15

minutes the key with cats is working

quick and keeping them happy a lot of

times the quicker you can complete the

trim the more comfortable they're going

to be the less upset they're going to be

with the whole thing checking his butt

checking his tail we got all the hair

off now I'm just going to take my

scissors and finish him off

I like to comb this neck down and then I

take my curve shears and I just very

lightly trim around this neck to take

off any stray hairs I see a few here

under the neck that I want to get with

my Clippers and I'll just touch those up

real quick

call them down

even that off the last thing I'm going

to do is check his toes to make sure he

doesn't have any crazy toe hair he's got

a little bit so I'm just going to trim

that off real quick again if you need to

use your body to block them that works a

lot better than trying to restrain them

with a loop or scruffing them scruffing

is an aggressive act to most cats the

more you try to scruff the more they'll

fight you and we are finished that's

your modified lion clip

yes Kanna oh I don't care good nuts and

I'm Angela with the creative groomers

Association and watch as I decorate this

cat we're going to do a couple flowers

these are the new hair crayons they're

non-toxic they wash right off and you

just like draw right on the shape coat

oh when we got it even that up he has an

uneven flower he'll feel so manly now he

oh it's he yeah I'm in love big pink

flowers on their rumps he's too pretty

to be a boy anyway

now we're going to take the black we're

going to outline it make it pop

sometimes when you're doing the crayons

if you stretch the skin it makes him go

on a little easier he's got a lot of

loose skin he does he's a big boy and

that's also when you're clipping a cat

you want to make sure you control that

loose skin as much as possible so it's

the same kind of theory there couple the

loose Harrow

I'm not done yet he's been very good

he's being very good save color for


bien Oh Roo you're so handsome look at