Ear mites?! How to clean cat's ears?

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hey cat lovers there is a superstition

that cats with folded ears need a

special ear care but it's just a

superstition cats just like humans all

individual in their bodies health

temperament and so on all my cats are

Scottish stright and the ear ox comes

out in different amounts

let's check who is that kitty who needs

some ear cleaning


oh look at those ears they definitely

need some proper cleaning jamala it's

your name does have an increased

secretion as you already might have

noticed by videos with a catnap or

feline acne or on blackheads if you

haven't seen these videos yet please

feel free to check them out check your

cat's ears regularly at least once a

month it's enough just to peep into the

years and you will definitely see if

they need some cleaning here is a clean

ear and needs some cleaning ear

sometimes it might be not just a short

but ear mites if a cat has ear mites you

would see a grainy discharge there take

your Quechua wet for a treatment

prescription if you're not is something

like this the treatment usually doesn't

require any special skills and not so

expensive one should just use ear drops

and clean ears so how to clean the ears

with no harm moist in an ear stick or a

cotton pad with the beat of her hex knee

then start carefully cleaning the outer

part of the ear

don't try to clean it further inside or

you might do more harm than good if your

vet says your cat needs more thorough

cleaning it would be better to leave it

for a professional or ask the bed to

show you how to do it usually in just

enough to apply ear drops and clean ears

if there are air mines I haven't applied

any ear drops at this time as she has no

ear mites I already applied some ear

drops as a precaution when I got her

what other symptoms your cat might have

if it has ear mites it will often

discourage its ear

and shake its head there might be some

strange and not pleasing smell from the

ears and of course dark brown discharge

you love and care to your small family

members they needed no less than others

kit like if you find this video useful

leave your questions and share get life

hacks in comments and subscribe for more

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