Dr. Becker: How Do You Bathe Your Cats?

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hi this is dr. Karen Becker and I'm

making a video today at my practice

about the topic of bathing a cat now

some of you are just watching this video

because you think it's kind of amusing

bathing a cat is actually hugely

stressful for the cat and of course most

kidneys don't enjoy having a bath though

you get the rare cutie and Menken or

cuties that for whatever reason don't

mind water but even kitties that don't

mind water just like a lot of dogs that

love water they don't necessarily like a

bath so all that to say this video is by

popular demand however it is important

that you take some precautions because

if you're kidding even though most

docile wonderful kitties if your kitty

becomes angry or stress bad things can

happen so I do recommend that if you're

going to try to bathe their kitty that

you bring in an assistant so I'm asking

my lovely assistant the best tech in the

world Ashley to join me today she's

going to help me bathe my kitty so we

selected one of our rescue kitties his

name is Enzo but we call him Squishy

because he's very squishy he came

through our trap neuter release program

you'll see he has a matched ear that's

how we mark kitties when they're under

anesthesia when we neuter them that we

know that when they're back out and

feral that they have already been

trapped and we so if they're in a trap

again we can just remove these them so

and so Cade in Christmas time last year

just before Christmas last year through

our traveler release program he was

feral the women that lovingly trapped

these kitty said you know he's really a

young kitty about six months of age they

do have a coyote problem they were very

nervous he would be consumed by coyotes

so he was not totally feral we opted to

keep him there for several months in

domesticate him he domesticated

beautifully he was at the clinic for

three months and my husband actually

decided it was terrible that kitty spend

New Year's Eve alone so on New Year's

Eve my husband came and picked him up at

the clinic and he's been at my house

ever since we call those types of

kitties foster failures so Enzo is going

to be our kitty of choice today for

bathing I've never attempted to mate

Enzo and I think this is a pretty good

demo because you

be able to see firsthand what happens

when you attempt to make their cats

there are some reasons why you would be

their kitty like why they have whatever

maybe might have to begin with a lot of

cats don't have the best of hygiene

despite the kept the fact that kitty

should groom themselves regularly a lot

of kitties just don't so they're greasy

a lot of kitties that have weight

problems can only groom themselves where

they can reach so the back half of them

becomes matted they can have excessive

flaking even skin infections a lot of

kitties that don't grow effectively need

to have regular baths some kitties are

prone to dermatitis and they get

secondary skin infections all reasons

why you would potentially need to

intermittently bathe your cat so I'm

going to give you a demo today on how to

do that I will tell you before you

actually put the cat in the tub because

this is going to be stressful to you and

your cat I recommend you get everything

set up beforehand none of my cats have

been declawed so all of my cats have

their claws we're going to end to a nail

trim first we're going to get the

bathtub all set up first to get

everything all ready to go even get the

water temperature regulated before we

would put n2 in the tub the goal is to

get him in get invade and get him out as

soon as possible to help decrease the

stress on the animal so I also have that

flower essences the brain I'm using

today is spirit essence I'm using a

blend called scaredy-cat if you have a

kitty that you're nervous about what his

or her response to betta bathing I

recommend that you use Bach flower

essences there are a lot of different

types of blends of different Vodka

senses you can use Rescue Remedy I'm

using scaredy cat or what this does is

just help to reduce his anxiety about

the procedure

so Enzo squishy

when you patiently all dayy have - this

is no boy you're not coming mop we're

going to give you a petty and then we're

going to bathe you and those very very

good for nail trims so people say why

are you doing a trim before you would be

the cat well because any of you that

have seen angry upset kitties know that

kitties will win an argument so the goal

is to keep his stress level low but if

he does decide to flip out on us we can

reduce how much trauma we'll have to our

bodies by doing a quick pedicure nice

jobs in the is a good boy hmm good boy

good job

I know you cuddle with Ashley there's a

good baby

you almost done Google and you are being

a good boy Mac sir

you do a good job of shutting those up

mom's couch probably hmm so we put a

little scaredy-cat I use black essences

really liberally I applied them I pet

the kitty with them I also apply them to

my fingers and put them just on the

inside of his ear tips you can give back

essences or flower essences in general

or Lee of course too but I find that

they work just as well because they are

an alcohol tincture they work just as

well topically so I put a little bit oh

he's purring

that's working well isn't it ends huh

nice job okay I want to go with the tub

ready Ashley's going to stay here with

our patient and we'll move along okay so

now I'm in the bathing area of my

hospital I have a luxury of having a

raised tub obviously you probably will

be bathing your cat in your kitchen sink

it's easy it's good economically for

your back I do recommend that you put

something down in your bathing tub to

help provide a non-skid surface for the

kitty I'm just going to use a towel I'm

going to get the water lukewarm I don't

want it cold shocking and I also don't

want it too hot so I'm going to get

their water temperature perfect for him

I'll get the towel nice and wet frame I

also have my dry towel ready to go when

you're picking a shampoo fur cap pretty

important that you pick a cap from the

shampoo and what I mean by that is we

don't want any type of sense I don't

want any type of additives I don't want

any type of sulfates whatsoever in the

shampoos I would prefer it to be organic

obviously incredibly gentle mild and

most importantly approved for kitties so

I don't recommend even bland human

shampoos I get nervous about I prefer no


totally chemical free coconut oil

basically possible and pH balanced for

kitties okay my water temperatures

perfect good I have my shampoo I'm going

to go get my patient the reason that a

lovely assistant is nicely warranted if

you can bathe your kitty on your own but

if you don't know your cat's response if

your cat flips out let your cap go your

cat will shred you or bite you

if your cat becomes distressed without

kitties of course if they fearing for

their lives or this being for their

safety they'll flip out on you so we

don't know if Enzo he's ever made that's

what you can flip out a lessons will

just bolt on the top and then that see

in the back however we're hoping that

use cooperative part of the reason that

it assistance or a helper and you can

get a kid or spouse or a friend to help

is that just having calming hands on the

kitty during this process is going to

help so you have basically a holder and

then you have a bather okay actually

we're going to put MZ in the tub and

we're going to put him headfirst and a

she's going to hold and I'm just going

to get endzone good job sir this is

weird look how good you're being huh

you're being very good sir you are being

very good I'm going to just turn the

water pressure up just a little sir

good job now just as with dogs we don't

recommend that you bathe the dog's head

before the kitty - good job we're almost

done with this part I'm getting us a wet

from the back of his neck down to his

tail good job Polly you are being good

I'm going to apply this all organic

kitty specific cap shampoo and you're

doing such a good job we're just going

to lather you up sir and then you're

doing a great job if you have a kitty

who has really really long hair you

might want to consider diluting your

shampoo with water first Enzo is fairly

short hair so I'm able just to put the

shampoo directly on the skin nice jab

look like a boy you're being then she's

a good boy

if you have a really long coated kitty

diluting your shampoo with water than

pouring the solution over will help get

the shampoo down into the Kitty's dense

fur more easily you're doing a nice job

if just cooperating aren't you huh are

being great

you're being very good we're just gonna

add a little

a moisture and a little water champagne

moving around good job sir good job

you're being great legs ah

wash your bottom wash your tail you're

being really good yes you are I'm glad

you didn't flip out

I am I glad and these are being a very

cooperative boy hmm I know we're almost

up so what's important when you're

rinsing is that you are getting rid of

all of your shampoo because obviously in

a transition pool remaining on the skin

could be kind of irritant to the kitty

you're going to make sure you're rinsing

belly rinsing neck of course down

armpits belly very important and then

we've just going to bring him out good

job sir and tell him up look sir would a

good boy well I will tell you that that

was wildly successful and I didn't

necessarily anticipate that I hope that

your cat baths goes easily as this one

most importantly you'll never do

anything to your kitty that your kitty

doesn't want them and so I don't think

love the back the mating process but he

was not aggressive or hostile towards it

so we'll drag him off I will not use a

blow dryer with him I think that the

sound will freak him out I'll use a

series of towels and hold him cuddle him

in a warm environment until he's totally

dry and I wish you the best of luck with

your kitty bathing process