Cat Handling for grooming

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hi there youtubers pepper-upper here

today I'm going to demonstrate a couple

different handling and restraining

techniques on cats and hopefully this

will make everybody's experience when

having to work on a cat a little bit

safer and a little bit more pleasant and

make it go quicker now the first thing

that I want to say is whenever I'm

working on a dive I always hook them up

to a lead a noose and then secure it to

a location that's you know like an eye

hook or you know a rope that have got

secured to the wall and that ensures

that the animal isn't going to jump off

the counter and it kind of gives me a

third arm to work with um when I'm

working on now when when you're working

with cats it's a whole different story

um it's just a completely different

world so that I never ever hook up a cat

if he loses his mind and start spinning

around there are going to be toenails

and teeth flying everywhere and I might

not be able to get a hold of him to calm

him down and so you you know you're

taking the chance that he could strain

themselves so I never ever hook up cats

to anything around their neck now the

first method that I'm going to show you

is probably the most common in commonly

used in the pet profession and what it

is it's called the scaffold and some of

you might think this looks kind of mean

that this isn't hurting the cat at all

and what it actually does is it kind of

puts them in like a trance-like state in

a sort of calms them down so this this

Johnny Cash he is one of my barn cats

and he doesn't like to be touched or

even pretty much looked at by people but

I just came across him laying on

something in the barn and grabbed him up

and haha you'll probably never see him

again unless you see him taking off when

he but he sees me but um so ok so what

I'm gonna do is you just want to grab I

hope you can see this you'll just want

to grab the the loose skin on the back

of the cat's neck and what you can do is

you can kind of use your arm and pin

them down to the counter and you can

brush or if if you have to clip on you

can clip and um or you can have another

person there doing doing the grooming

while you're holding and another thing

you can do is hang on to the front feet

especially if they have front claws and

you can lay them on their side and that

person can work on the back end or you

know on the stomach or just do brushing

pretty much anywhere in the body another

thing you can do is lay the cat on its

back and um this this is the one this is

the technique I use all the time in

Germany cats taken quite a few cats and

so like I said I work by myself and so I

have to come up with different ways that

I can hold the cat and I've only got two

arms so my legs come in really handy a

lot and what you can do is use your use

your knee or your leg to hold the cat's

tail down so you can work on the stomach

or you can also kind of pin the cat's

leg down and you know you can stretch

the legs apart if you have to work in

the groin area um okay you can also hold

the cat up by its scruff and um you know

you probably want to have somebody's you

know another person there to do to do

the nail clipping or whatever it is but

um you know just put your hand

underneath his butt to help you know

support is wait but this is this is a

really good move and it's really really

common okay the second thing I'm going

to show you is the Kitty tackle and I'm

going to have to hang on to him still

because he just wants to take off but

when you cover a cat's eyes um it also

comes them down and um oh another thing

I should probably show you is if you've

got somebody hanging onto the cat and

the cats really stressed if you just

kind of tap in between their eyes I'm

not sure what that does but it works

great so I think it just kind of keeps

her mind off of what's going on so um

you can cover their eyes with the toe

and you just wrap up their front feet

especially if they have front claws this

is this is a great method and you'll

want to keep make sure that the cat's um

face is still out of the toes so he can

breathe but

I kind of try to keep the eyes covered

and this will probably take two people I

don't typically use this because the

toll just gets in the way of what I'm

trying to do but um you know it works

great for cats that that are almost to

the point where they have to be sedated

for grooming so um sometimes we can we

can prevent that so and what you'll want

to do is just hang on to the scruff you

know through the toe and other person

can work on the back end and move the

toe up as they need to just making sure

that these front feet are still nice and

secure in the Tull okay so the third

thing I'm going to show you is the camp

muzzle and I use these quite often also

and like I said if um or maybe I didn't

mention it but if you cover the eyes on

a cat they kind of become disorientated

and they are pretty much afraid to move

so um I can't puzzle looks a little bit

different than a dog muzzle it's got a

hole in the front for um their nose to

peek out so they can breathe and you'll

just put the muzzle on the cat's face

and strap it nice and snug to the back

making sure that their ears are all at

the top there any consulting on to the

scruff now if if the cats really

overweight um the when you're hanging on

to the scruff the muzzle might keep

moving forward until the til the ears

are underneath it and then the muzzles

going to slide off so just just be

careful of that and you'll want to just

make sure that the cat's nose is still

peeking out the front so he can breathe

and this this makes it really nice and

easy to to work on animals you know if

there's an injury or you have to do any

grooming or whatever it is um know a

couple of things yes cats are different

than dogs like I said and they get

stressed really easy and it's just a

completely different state of mind that

you have to be in when you're working on

them now one of the things that you can

do before you start grooming or when

your cat is relaxed you know but

definitely before you start grooming

check the color of their gums and their

tongue and be really careful because

they bite down you're going to get that

but you want the gums nice and pink and

if they start turning white at all when

you're grooming them and I'll keep

checking on them every once in a while

or god forbid if they start turning blue

you need to put that animal down and

give it a break so you know 20 minutes

half an hour or just even start that

again the next day but um you know just

a little hint if you put your cat down

make sure isn't a small room or you know

in an easy place that you can catch them

again because otherwise you're going to

be chasing them all over the house and

that's gonna stress them another thing

that you can you can watch for um cats

aren't real big Panthers when they pant

when they open mouths breathe they

they're typically stressed and so if

your cat is doing that I would recommend

giving them a break also so these are

some handling techniques on cats and

this is Johnny Cash Depp cracker