How To Restrain a Fractious Cat and Trim Cat Nails

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this is dr. Andrew Jones in this section

of NR secret

I'm going to show you how to properly

restrain a fractious cat and secondarily

how to trim her nails

so this happens to be my cat Gussie she

really does not like having to get

anything at Durrell whether I'm just

trying to perform a sample exam on her

show you any type of veteran procedure

yet the least invasive thing even just a

pet er for an excess of period of time

he's a very moody cat as you know yes

that's it I see she has her own ideas

where on what she wants what she likes

definitely under call for her own terms

so to begin with I'm doing anything to

worst but she such as trimming her nails

she decides she can lash out I don't you

can see that an opera even just trying

to restrain her carplay she's giving me

a big hook Gussie must be nearly 17 it's

her to know but doesn't matter she's 17

and she's feisty

so in terms of proper restraint what it

means just sitting her here and this

I've just got a big long blanket you

want to you want to make sure you can

restrain in front and your back legs

we're just going to pull one leg out at

a time it's a big long blanket might

cover her entire body up here they can

she she is here so she's well restrained

he's all wrapped up it's like swaddling

a baby in a big towel

so what you're trying to do just swaddle

them up as best you can if it means

covering her head anything you can just

turn your cat into a more pleasant

creature so with her wrist she can't

she's much more as you can see she's

much more likely to be more amenable

then her nails trimmed so there is one

side I'll lie you on your side I'm going

to get your right thing yes with me yes

happy New Year to you too

yes Jesse they're doing surgery on us

just to give your nails get genuinely

doing the back legs a lot easier you

just sort of pin your cat down from the

back they're really fast your front legs

not so fast with your back legs there's

are a lot more pleasant and easier

they're whipped with their rows

getting those front legs and claws out

and when you're doing the nails I want

me to see it now so visually it's quite

easy to see here quick so I'm trying to

cut the nail back all words white and

avoiding the blood supply these nail

turbines themselves are actually special

nail trimmers from the clinic any pet

supply store is going to have they're

really nice in terms of trimming cats

nails they open quite wide so I've got

the full length of the nail long enough

so if the nail has gotten a bit long up

hiking criminals properly - I don't know

if you can see they're not but I've just

pushed out her nails they're extended

they're usually retracted and you're

just looking at the white the pink

section is where the blood supply is the

white section is the nail that you're

wanting to trim off I'm trimming you

know the quarter of an inch in front of

that paint bird

third is Trinidad snails thank you for

watching nested ation about our secret

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