How to Anchor a Beach Canopy or Umbrella.

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hey guys we decided from now on we're

gonna do a tip of the trip every time we

go somewhere this is my tip with a trip

for each vacation we have we have these

some pop-up tents like these canopies

and we couldn't figure out what's the

best way to keep them anchored because

you know how windy it gets on the beach

so we couldn't figure out what what the

best thing was and I thought of this

system so this is my little tip for


Kerri found these frisbees at the

dollars that were below eye below for

one dollar

we bought four of them so what you want

to do is just get four frisbees for each

corner of your pop-up tent and then

whatever rope you have laying in your

house I use the heavier yellow rope so

it's more visible and all you need to do

is drill a hole from the center of your

frisbee and then tie a knot

on the other side so it can't pull

through and what I did was I put it so

the cupped end of the frisbee is up so

it'll have more surface area and sand so

this is all you do tie the other end

double overhand knot make a loop see

that big enough so the frisbee can go

through it you're gonna loop it around

it's stuck on the knot

very a little hole felicity


done that's it we used to try like

sandbags and milk jugs pillowcases

pillowcases it just took up too much

space and the pillowcases you have to

fill the sand in this one and I mean

that thing is so sunk in there just

because of the surface area that the

samples show them how easy it is to

clean up yeah I didn't even big mine out

I just pulled the rope

pull it back to your loop