I've Been Holding My Camera Wrong?

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hey guys Irene here welcome back to my

youtube channel today's video is the one

that I really didn't think that I'm

gonna be making but here we are today

ever since I started making YouTube

videos I've been getting this specific

comment and ever since I picked up my

camera and started taking pictures I've

been always holding it like this before

I started getting those kind of comments

I never even knew that there is a right

and wrong way of doing something as

simple as holding your camera so it is

some research and found out that there's

lots and lots of articles on how to hold

your camera how not to hold your camera

with illustrations do's and don'ts and

all that stuff and while most people

agree on how to hold the camera in the

landscape mode I think most of us hold

it like this a lot of these articles

illustrate specifically how to hold your

camera in a portrait mode I would say

99% of those articles recommend holding

your camera this way right here so your

right hand on the grip with the elbow

out in your left hand tucked in into

your body and also supporting the lens

over here and there you go you can go

ahead and shoot also a few of those

article specifically demonstrated that

holding your camera this way is the

wrong way of holding your camera and you

should not be doing it like that so I'm

not surprised that I'm getting so many

comments about the way I like to hold my

camera as this is exactly how I've been

doing it for years and how I still do it

now all of these articles are written by

male photographers I could not find any

articles written by female photographers

really but I did find this one

video on YouTube with doing a simple

search on holding your camera by two

female photographers and interestingly

they suggest that you hold your camera

vertically this way no no you just I

should have talked about that that's

what not to do when you're holding your

camera and vertically you just want to

rotate this towards the bottom oh your

shutter towards the bottom so that you

can just hold it and again keep your

hand like this shutter to the bottom so

you cannot keep it like this so that

you're not going like this or like that

or like that I do have quite a few

female photographer friends that do like

to hold their camera this way here's

Laura Jade also holding the camera that

way and here's any label it's also

holding the camera that way so I went

ahead and asked my husband to hold the

camera in the natural way that he

normally would and of course no surprise

he held it up like this and when I

showed him that this is how I normally

hold my camera he just said that that

looks very uncomfortable and very weird

and he would not hold the camera that

way so that makes me believe that a lot

of women prefer holding a camera a

different way than a lot of men do

there's obviously a lot of women that

hold it this way and maybe there are

some men that hold it that way I don't

know but I've definitely seen this kind

of pattern where women prefer holding

the camera just closer to them like this

and men like to kind of put their arms

up like that so I've been thinking why

is that and I can just explain it from

my own perspective I'm holding the

camera up this way most of the support

is going to be coming from this arm and

you probably have noticed that I don't

have a lot of muscle there I don't have

a lot of upper arm strength so

supporting the camera body and the lens

with my upper arm is not

a good idea for me also if I'm pulling

I'm gonna step a little bit back and if

I'm pulling my left arm into my body for

support it's going into my boobs sorry

for showing this but it will rest on my

boob and it really feels uncomfortable

for men that are flat-chested this

should be no problem but for me it feels

extremely uncomfortable so altogether

this kind of oops so altogether this

kind of position for me just doesn't

really work and doesn't feel very

comfortable now if I'm putting it this

way both of my arms are going on both of

the sides of my boobs so nothing is

getting squeezed I can't even imagine

women with you know bigger breasts how

uncomfortable it must be for them so I

like to hold it on both sides like this

now I'm holding my camera here and

holding the lens over here so now I'm

supporting the camera and the lens with

both of my arms down kind of squished

into my body so I'm leaning against my

body and I'm supporting the whole weight

of the camera now I don't use manual

focusing so I don't really have to worry

about doing that I'm just holding onto

the lens as support and that feels

really comfortable for me but

interestingly enough I don't do this

with all of my cameras here is my film

camera Mamiya 645 this is a medium

format camera it is very very heavy and

it is built completely different from

your regular DSLR this body is kind of

square-ish with most of its weight being

on this left side and then this massive

grip on the right side now if I wanted

to shoot it like this I'm gonna show to

you guys here again this arm is digging

right into my boob I can't put it on the

side of me because then I won't be able

to get to the viewfinder so I absolutely

have to shoot it this way and

again it's not very comfortable for me

because it is so so heavy and I have to

support the weight of it with my upper

arm but it is something that I have to

deal with with this camera so I normally

don't hold it like this for a very long

time and a lot of the times I it feels

very unstable and very shaky but there's

absolutely nothing else that I can do I

mean I could put on the tripod but this

is the most comfortable for me for this

specific camera

here's another camera and this one I can

actually shoot both ways because it is

very very light

I can easily shoot it this way and I can

easily shoot it this way I would still

probably prefer holding it down just

because it's something that I'm really

used to and it just feels comfortable

but I can definitely hold it this way

just because it's not as heavy and the

strength that I have in my upper arm

would be totally fine to hold this

camera now I might not agree with some

of those articles and you know show you

the exact way to hold your camera but

what we agree on is that the best way to

hold your camera is the most stable and

comfortable way for you you have to make

sure that you feel supported and not

shaky to get good images and if you're

uncomfortable it's gonna show up in your

pictures so hold your camera the way you

want to hold it and the way it works for

you and that is the best way to hold

your camera I hope you guys enjoyed this

video let me know what way do you prefer

to hold your camera in portrait mode and

I'll see you guys in my next video bye