How to properly hold your DSLR camera! *QUICK TIP*

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maybe not look balls hi these guys have

a desk to fifty two friends I just

wanted to come with a quick tip here

I see so often on our monthly photo

walks people that just get their DSLR

cameras or even feel a little bit of

shooting for a while they make the most

fundamental mistake and shooting and I

think this is so important to learn is

how to hold the camera properly make

such a big difference with stability

especially when you get into longer

shutter speeds so basically you want to

hold the camera with your left hand

underneath the body with your fingers on

the lens and then with your right hand

then you bring it around and obviously

your finger on the shutter the biggest

error that I see that amateurs do when

they're holding the camera is they have

their hand on this side on the lens

instead of on the bottom so when your

fingers are here holding the lens first

of all you're you're actually causing

more shake by having your fingers on the

lens and you're holding the camera up

you're using your strength to hold the

camera up in the air as opposed to it

resting on your left hand

kids playing this is what life's about

you or me this is don't screw this up

that's the first most important

component of holding the camera steady

the other is to keep your elbows on your

body okay so your elbows should be

actually in front of your ribcage tucked

in so that your your have up two points

of support like a tripod I mean the

third point of support is actually the

viewfinder on your eye on your eyebrow

so holding the camera on your face you

have now a super stable three points of

support which is so much better than

like holding it out in the air like this

that I see people do

okay another great stabilizing position

is actually in the seating position is

especially good when you're getting

shots lower to the ground and the key to

this is you want your elbow on your knee

so again you're creating the point of

contact of stability here and I'm just

sitting on my on my back foot I know if

that's on the frame the third position I

want to show you is the lying down

position because it's all about getting

the shot

you're not looking ridiculous while

you're shooting then you're not doing a

good enough job so let's get down and

dirty all right now that you're looking


you can keep your elbows on the floor

for two points of contact and your

camera your face for your third point of

contact and so just a great vantage

point to get some really dramatic shots

all right so that's your quick tip on

how to properly hold a camera don't

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