How to Hold Your Calligraphy Pen

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hello today we're gonna talk a little

bit about how to correctly hold your

oblique calligraphy pen these are a few

tips that I've come to use daily for

comfortable writing whether it's four

hours worth of writing or just an hour

of practice it's gonna make your writing

a little bit more comfortable make your

lines a little bit straighter and help

preserve your nib longer so let's get

started tip number one would be to

always always hold the pen down near the

flange so you would never hold the pen

halfway up the holder where you have no

control over what you're doing you're

always gonna grip the pen right down

next to the flange once your hand is in

the right position you always want to be

pointing the nib towards the top edge of

the paper

so the nib should be pointing toward the

upper edge whether your paper is turned

or whether it's straight the nib has to

point toward the upper edge of the page

if you are trying to write an italic the

nib has to point toward the upper

right-hand corner otherwise you can

point anywhere from the upper center to

the upper right corner of the paper tip

number three if you try to write with

your nib pointed to the left you're

going to first of all be damaging the

tines of the nib as you pull it upward

but secondly you won't be able to get

the heavy line as you pull down because

the nib has to point toward the upper

edge to get a thick line so when you

press down the two tines separate and

you get a thicker line but if you're

pointing it toward the left you won't be

able to get a thicker line tip number

four as you're writing you always want

to lightly rest your palm on the writing

surface so you're not resting your body

weight on that hand you're putting that

on your opposite hand but this helps

keep your hand nice and steady as you

move it across the page it just lightly

glides across the surface of the paper

and that helps you get a smoother line

your thumb should always be

positioned on the holder for better

control so you want to have it right

next to the flange and that's going to

help manipulate the holder as you're

writing but also you want to keep in

mind that you never want to have your

thumb across the holder like this you

won't have you need to have your thumb

to control the pen as you're writing and

this will make it easier if it's on the

holder and the final tip that I have for

you today is to never death-grip your

pen holder you never want to squeeze it

tighter for better control that's just

gonna hurt your hand and your fingers

after a few hours and you don't want to

be developing bumps and your and your

finger like so you want to be holding it

comfortably and try to use your body to

control the pen and your thumb better

rather than gripping it really tight if

your knuckles are turning white from the

lack of blood flow then your definite

definitely gripping it too tight so

loosen it up and just try to hold it

comfortably the way you would normally

hold a pen and it should make for a

better writing experience alright well I

hope you found those tips helpful and

that you think of them the next time you

sit down to practice your calligraphy

again don't forget for more tips and

resources on your calligraphy technique

make sure you check out our blog which

is linked below along with the resources

for everything we used in this video

thank you