Brush calligraphy tips: How to hold your brush pen at an angle

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hi guys Charice here from pieces

calligraphy this video focuses on making

sure that you're holding your brush pen

at the right angle a lot of folks have

asked me for tips and suggestions on

getting their brush pens to write these

thin lines basically make they're thick

they're they're thin lines thinner and

one thing that I want to be sure to make

people know is that the angle at which

you hold your brush pen is very crucial

so in other videos I've gone over the

brush pen and just what it is and this

here is the tombow dual brush pen that I

use in pretty much all my videos and

post on instagram or at least a lot of

them and if you remember in other videos

I talked about how it tip is a flexible

tip which is what makes it a brush pen

it's basically a marker and this tip

here is what you want to be able to get

really comfortable at holding at an

angle so that when you apply different

pressures so this is a thin pressure

that I'm writing with I'm basically

barely touching the paper with the tip

of the pen and those that's your thin

stroke and then you want to remember to

do your thin strokes when you're going

up so whether it's the beginning of a

letter or the entrance to a word and

then you want to do thick strokes down

and then you want to continue holding

that angle and then press down even

harder so much fun to see the difference

in just one pen so what I'm doing here

is I'm holding the same angle but now

I'm pressing down and the tip is bending

with the paper and forming a thicker

edge and when you put that all together

in a simple drill that I use pretty

often to share with folks it's

then up and then thik down then up and

think down and I'm Bear excuse me I'm

barely lifting the pen up off the page

and then I'm scooting over a little bit

to create the thick stroke down because

if I don't do that it's going to cover

see the space here it's going to cover

more of the open space that you want to

create so that way your letters can

breathe and we'll go over more about

that in another post on how to make sure

that your positioning of your pen is

correct so that way the strokes are

spaced really well so so the difference

with the angle and what I've been what

I've been noticing sometimes people hold

it too upright and move the camera for a

bit so this is like an aerial view you

don't want to hold it upright like this

because then there's no this is my thin

up and my thick down see how similar

they look but if I if I go from this is

upright if I go to the side literally

I'm at an angle then there's the

contrast in the thin and thick so I hope

that demonstration helps to show you the

difference between upright and turning

at an angle to achieve those the thinner

strokes so that way you can utilize the

tip of the pen and then press down to

utilize the full width because it's so

flexible so thank you for watching and

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me know what you think Thanks