Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Put First Caller on Hold To Answer a Second Call

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how do you put the first color on how

and answer the second code on the

Samsung Galaxy s4 so let's say while you

are talking with the first color and you

are receiving a second call here's how

you can answer the second call

so let's just say I'm going to start a

call with the first caller

okay so now I'm talking to my first

color here they join the top I'm getting

another call coming in

okay so now I've got a second incoming

call so at this point what I can do is I

can choose accept or deny because I'm

gonna accept Misco once I put on accept

this call is asked do I want to put my

first caller on hold or do I want to end

up close so I'm just going to put it on

hold so then I can talk to the first

color you can see the second color is on

this test I'm talking to right now and

my first call is on hold so basically I

can also what I can do is I can also

switch between the two by tapping on the

swap and I can talk to the person and

put the other person on hold be nice I

can switch it around what I can also do

here is I can also merge the both call


so on both call you can see I can see

the numbers showing up on the phone so

that's how you can put other person on

on hold so once you want to end the call

simply just tap on encode and once you

put on a check on encode then your code

we see them back to the first color you

can always put that puzzle on hold any

time you want or you can just are on

hold and that is pretty much it thanks

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