Cacao Ceremony: Recipe, Ritual and Q&A

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hey guys, it is challenging times for all of us, so I thought that the best

offering I could give you right now is share with you the daily practice

that helps me ground helps me connect deeper to my heart, helps me be in a

positive state of mind and that is my daily cacao practice.

I'm having my channel's first guess, this is going to be Florencia Fridman; she is

the queen of all things cacao in New York and she's amazing! I didn't want to

do this video by myself as I have personally grown a relationship with

cacao but I haven't practiced with any elders, I don't know how to hold cacao

ceremonies and I believe that it's quite important to work with a native

community that has been working with cacao for the longest time and Florencia

works with a community in Guatemala. I hope you guys enjoy this video I

hope this video finds you in great health with calm spirits and I hope you enjoy!

Hi I'm Florencia Fridman, I'm here with caro sharing some cacao, we're gonna do

a little ritual and explore the different aspects of cacao, get to

understand this beautiful plant and get to know a little bit about ourselves as well.

Today we will be doing a cacao, rose and blue lotus recipe; rose is

used as a heart opener and also as a connection with our feminine side.

Blue Lotus is used as an intuition flower.

A meditation dose is about 1oz of cacao -28 grams and it allows us

to really receive all the benefits from cacao, and with a ceremonial dose it's

about 45 grams so it's a much deeper dose and it really allows you to sit in

meditation for a longer period of time so if you have a long day where you want

to create or meditate, even do some movements, or if you're working with

a partner and you want to go deep into the practice a ceremonial dose is such a

beautiful experience. Awesome, and what do you recommend to someone who is just

starting to work with cacao? I would say starting with a meditation dose, 1 oz

is the perfect amount, you still receive all of the benefits and since

your body is getting used to the experience it's nice to start gentle

because you can always have more.

It's always nice to also bring in the

vibration of songs into the cacao. Cacao is all about intention and it opens our

hearts, it opens us for possibilities

but it's also up to us on what frequency and what intention we bring into it.

Todo cura, todo sana

Todo lleva medicina adentro

Cura cura, sana sana,

Cacaocita medicina del amor

Cura cura, sana sana,

Cacaocita medicina del amor

Todo cura todo sana,

Todo lleva medicina adento

I love this, I've never smudged my cacao

My teacher always uses Copal in Guatemala. So in Guatemala they use Copal.

And before she serves it she always puts the incense on.

Oh it smells so good!

Todo cura, todo sana,

Todo lleva medicina adentro,

Cura cura, sana sana,

Cacaocita, medicina del amor.

Todo cura todo sana,

Todo lleva medicina adentro

Cura cura, sana sana,

Cacaocita, medicina del amor.

I think it's important to find the things make us fall in love and add them into the cacao

Thank you for this honor -Thank you for coming, this is such a dream!

So let's bring the cacao into the heart space and just close the eyes.

Let's tune into the breath

As we know many indigenous communities

all of our meso and South America have been working with this

plant, they understand the sacredness of this beautiful plant and they're saying

that it allows us to come back to the heart space and come back to our truth

they also understand that the elements of nature are something sacred that move

within us and outside of us so these energies are an extension of

ourselves and the moment that we be in honoring and respecting these energies

we can remember to honor and respect our own being. So we have thanks to

the element of Earth; for allowing us the stability. the foundation. the structure,

the nourishment. Thank you for allowing us to rest our roots, explore the

darkness, the shadow work, the mysteries of the unknown. It is through this

exploration that we allow ourselves to move closer and closer towards the light.

We give things to the element of Water; for the fluidity, the connections,

the relationships. the change, the creativity. Thank you for allowing us to

flow in the rhythm of change, letting a swim in the unlimited

possibilities of creation, finding the wisdom, the stillness when the waters are

teemed knowing that this is just a play it's a practice for when the waters get

rough and even then we continue finding that wisdom, that stillness because we

know that the clarity is waiting on the other side of the wave. Thank you to the

element of Fire; for the passion, the courage. the strength, the transformation.

Thank you for allowing us to burn all the toxins that lay in the physical body,

the emotional body and the mental body so we can transcend to the spiritual

body and as we move through the smoke we connect deeper with the confidence that lays within.

Thank you to the element of Air; for the openness, the vulnerability

to trust, that acceptance. As we take a deep breath in together. let's find

another breath nourishes each and every cell of the body and as we exhale

finding all that space that's created within us. It is through that space that we open

our wings and let me take flight. We take flight into those desires that

we have for ourselves knowing that these desires will bring us closer to the

mission that we have in the here and now.

Thank you to the essence, the spirit of cacao.

Thank you for allowing us to dissolve all the barriers that we have

set against ourselves, so we can remember the language of the heart and begin to

listen but also speak from that space. thank you to Nana Mariana and Tata Pedro

and all the elders, all the ancestors that have passed on this

wisdom from generation to generation, letting us take in the knowledge, along

with the experience so we too can share this wisdom with the rest of the world

becoming the leaders that we were born to be. Thank you to all the guardians and

protectors of the sacred lands and those who have been protecting the fruit of

cacao so we can enjoy it this morning

Thank you.


I want to send a blessing to you, for being here, for sharing this of me and I want

to send a blessing for your beautiful work to grow even deeper, for you to dive

with it even deeper, for your journey to keep on being magical and blessed.

And I also want to send a blessing for the world right now. For all of us to be able

to use this time, this period, as a time to love ourselves, to get to know ourselves

even deeper, to share with the members of our household, to really

listen and open our hearts to understand the needs of mama earth.

She's talking to us in so many ways and I deeply believe we are ready to leap towards love.

And thank you for being such a powerful channel for so many of us such a

beautiful vehicle to connect back to our creativity which is our truth and expression.

mmm it's so yummy! even without sweetner.

you can taste the love

I feel that whenever I started doing my own cacao morning ritual I was still too

shy to speak out loud some days I feel it's not a day to speak out loud either,

so I just journal, I journal with it and it's also such a powerful tool, I feel

it's such a great way to connect with it when we're just starting and we might now know

where to start instead of maybe talking out loud at first we can

write about it right? Yeah I love that for me it was when I first started

sharing cacao it was very difficult because I was working with the mind and

I wasn't moving into the heart space and it was very difficult for me to find

my voice because I felt like I needed to fit in a box and journaling was one of

the first steps that allowed me to like express myself yeah. "The artist way it"

was like my biggest teacher, yes, because it allows you to just be, nobody is

judging you it's just you in the paper and then I started realizing that it

translates to ceremony as well because people are there to open their hearts

they're not there to be in their ego and judge and when we all open

ourselves in that space you can feel how the shift happens and we all become

channels it's not just the person that serving like a cacao.

finding the different connections and it guides

you in understanding how to play

that's one of the biggest messages from a cacao it's like: start just start, take the

first step, you don't need to have it all figured out just trust in the next step.

And doing it playful

And I feel like that's the message that cacao is bringing and as well like not just

cacao but I'll plant medicines. I got this weird theory and some people might have

a challenge understanding it but I feel like what is happening right now is like

the earth is speaking needing to rest. So when we're sick we need just to be able

to rest so our bodies can heal on their own. Because like we were saying; the medicine

is within. Our bodies have everything that's necessary and sometimes we utilize

external tools to emphasize the healing that's already within us and

First the plant started asking right, and speaking to us, there's so many

plants that are coming from the jungle and coming to the main society to give

us these messages and we weren't listening so the indigenous communities

example coming out right now and speaking out and then

the children started speaking because the activism needed to happen and we

still weren't listening so this came out and the world needs to stop. And if you

see in China now people can actually see the sky and there's so much less

pollution yeah that is happening and now the land

can actually have space to heal and we're also allowing ourselves to come

back and rest and be able to heal and understand, come back to alignment and

then that process also understand; Am I living my truth? and that's a lot of what

these plant medicines are guiding us to understand coming back to our truth;

Why are we here? what is our purpose? it's so interesting because I think a lot about

and this is one of the reasons why I love cacao so much, I think a lot about

how we have so many different tools to connect to... we can call it the universe,

god, great spirit; we all have different ways to see what the divine or grand

master mind is, but I I'm just in awe about how we can just connect to it

through different mediums. Some people prefer reiki, some others

do psychedelics, others drink cacao, you know? so there's so much of it

And I love that we can give ourselves the time and space to just connect and dive

deeper on each of them at the time, whatever the time is right you know so

I love how the message comes clear whenever we open, we are open

to listening and that's one of the many ways why cacao

became so important to me because I feel it allows me to be more

open. I totally agree I feel like it creates so much space within us and

even physically right? it brings more oxygen to the brain and the heart so

it's literally creating space for us and opening up our blood vessels so

stimulating the blood, so it means that it's physically preparing us for this

connection right? this awakening you know and I feel like there's certain master

teacher plans that especially with psychedelic that ar putting us in a

situation that maybe we're afraid to explore but with cacao it's not a

psychoactive plant you're still very much present in your experience but it's

still creating this awakening and integration as well of other experiences

I love the you know you've created a morning ritual that you can sit with and

explore what's coming up for me when I'm connecting with this plant and it's an

invitation for us to really show up the best humanity in that different way

because we start with a cup of cacao but then we realize that we need to be aware

of other things that are moving through our day and we start creating this

ripple effect but I feel like the the plant is really coming out to the

mainstream right now and it's important for us to understand that it is a sacred

food just because it's so gentle doesn't mean that it's something and we should

just drink and then go on with our day right and also I noticed the difference

when I just drink it and go with my day I don't feel I'm really open to

receiving what cacao has to offer to me so it just passes through and when I do

sit down at least for five minutes with it the experience

changes and shifts completely it as if I would have even had a different drink.

I feel there's so much about the intention that goes to it.

so is it okay to drink cacao every day?

I think it depends on each person. I drink it every day but you

know, some people work well with like having it a few times a week if you're

going to drink it every day doing like a meditation dose it's best especially

when you're just starting out and just seeing how the body moves

through with you. it's important to not drink caffeine if you're having cacao

like not mixing yet because they could becoming really stimulating

So cacao going to be utilized in the morning it could be utilized in the

evening. If you're having it at the evening having less amount is good it

doesn't have caffeine it's theobroma that's the active component, so if you

have a good quality cacao it won't be simulating and it does help with lucid

dreaming like we were saying so it is something really nice to have at the evening.

My brother and I go directly to Ecuador and connect with the farmers so

We started a company called Cacao Lab. -Which is amazing!

When I first started working with cacao it was such a new thing in the States

and I wanted to be able to find the good quality here and share it with my

community so we started doing a lot of research on farms and you know started

going to Ecuador and Guatemala. There's a lot of genetically modified

cacao now that's known as CCN 51 and it's mixed with the Criollo beans,

the ancestral trees so it's really important to work with a company that is you know

focusing on understanding that connection to the farmers and

understanding the quality so; Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala all have really good cacao and Mexico as well

have really beautiful cacao from ancestral trees and it's important to

work with those because they have deeper roots so if you're focusing on a

physical level they have less heavy metals.

That's a beautiful question and thank you for bringing this up because it's

something that a lot of our society is struggling with; going back to

the understanding of respect you know when we're working deeply into the

education of a career where you go and study for a certain

period of time it doesn't mean that your interest in that particular subject

can't be honored because you haven't studied it so I think what you're doing

is the most amazing thing of really sitting with the plant yourself and

hearing the messages that she's providing for you and getting to

understand and that being said also understanding the communities that are

working with cacao and getting to know their ways of connecting with it.

We made a short documentary that tells a little bit about the ways

of how to connect whit cacao and the way that the Tzutujil community

the Mayan community that we work with, works with cacao.

The Tzutujil community is one of the 22 ethnic groups of Guatemala and

they've been known as the guardians and protectors of cacao for thousands of

years through oral tradition and also by working directly with the plants that

their grandparents and grandparents and their grandparents have been working

with so I feel like the first step is getting to know the plant yourself and

feeling the connection that you have and then you know we do an immersive as well

it's an eight-week immersive that allows you to dive deeper into how to hold

space and really get to know the community and I feel like it's also that;

building a community that starts asking questions so we don't need to have all

the answers right away but really understanding how do I honor this

plant you know, what comes up for you when you work with them that's one

thing I think, and to understand that we can sit in

ceremony and it's very profound but we can also just make a little bit of time

in the morning for ourselves or even if we have to go into a meeting you know

offering cacao we're gonna speak to each other in a different way because we're

not up here so much when we come back to the heart space.

Where can people find you

and where can they find cacao lab and what if they want to sit in ceremony with you?

So www.cacaolaboratory.com is our website

and that has all of the information about ceremony, we also do virtual

circles and you can find more information on our website

Thank you so much.

Thank you!

It's such an honor to be here and to share.

I'm so happy this happened!