How to Properly Pick Up & Hold a Bunny

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hi guys today's video was highly

requested on how to hold and pick up

your rabbit properly let's start off

with what not to do let's go over the

most standard ways to pick up a rabbit

first pet your rabbit in order to relax

them and their muscles as you can see

I'm using my right hand to support her

lower half and I'm tucking my left hand

under her chest

you should always provide firm upper and

lower body support I'm going to do this

one more time so you can get another

look as they bring her up

I press her firmly against my chest and

hug her upper body if you have a smaller

rabbit you can also cup their feet but

Lenin is a little too big for that so

her feet are dangling dangling is

actually a sign of relaxation and you

don't want their feet to be tense

that means they really want to grip onto

something remember to put your rabbit

down feet first so they can catch the

ground immediately sometimes I like to

caress Lenin when I'm holding her and I

do so by sliding my hand up to her

cheeks to pet her the reason for sliding

the hand to maintain firm support now

carrying your rabbit with one arm is a

lot trickier and I don't recommend it

unless you absolutely have to use your

other arm to carry something else for

instance rabbits can easily wiggle

themselves out of this if it's not done

properly as you can see I'm still

providing upper and lower body support

because when using the entirety of my

arm for this her feet are firmly pressed

against my waist while her lower body is

resting in the crevice of my elbow and

my hand is holding up her chest I'll do

this one more time to give you a better


the third method is what I like to call

the cradle method you just scoop up your

rabbit with both arms and hug them


so those are some of the most common

ways to pick up and hold a rabbit please

remember to be careful as miss handling

can cause injury thanks for watching

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and we will catch you later bye