How to Flip your Rabbit onto its Back

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hello this is Holly from Holly Collins

laboratory and today have little

butterfly here with me to help me

demonstrate how to flip your rabbit over

on its back now I only flip my rabbits

on their backs when I have to I don't do

it for the heck of it just when I have

to clip their nails or check their

genitals or check T some things like

that so when I go to flip my rabbit on

its back first I want to make sure that

it's facing me it's going to be a lot

more difficult if your rabbit is facing

the other way and then what I do is I

put my left hand underneath is the front

legs and my right hand

scooped underneath the back feet then I

flip the rabbit over on its back like

this now I'm going to use my right hand

or your dominant hand and put it around

the ears like this so that the fingers

are like interlaced with the ears and

you have them kind of notched in these

little areas so that the head doesn't

feel like it needs to move away or

wiggle around or things like that it

just makes them feel a little bit more


and when they're in this position you

can check nails teeth genitals all super

easily and it's really hard to check

those things when the rabbit is flipped

over on its tummy and so you really need

to put the rabbit on its back page types

of things

rabbits really don't like being on their

back very much because it is a really

unnatural position for them so I only do

it when I have to um but it's usually

pretty easy sometimes the rabbits will

flip over and that's totally fine

especially if you rabbit isn't very used

to being on its back like I said earlier

it is a really unnatural position um so

it's totally fine for your rabbits to

react that way

you just need patience and a lot of

practice really helps you out it feel

more comfortable in that position I hope

you enjoyed bye