How to Hold a Catfish Without Getting Stung - Catfish Spines

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hey Luke here with cats and carp calm

and I'm going to show you how to hold a

catfish properly now as many of you may

already know catfish have spots

they have three spines they've got one

on each Peck dolphin and they've got one

on their dorsal fin now in some species

of fish like the mad Tom the really

small little tiny catfish you find


those spines are poisonous but in most

of the trophy a catfish those spines are

not poisonous

however they can carry a lot of really

nasty bacteria and they hurt when they

stab you it's like being stabbed with a

ballpoint pen or a pencil just leaves a

really nasty cut the smaller the catfish

the more dangerous the spines it's like

baby fingernails

you know if I were to scratch it

wouldn't really do that much my little

one-year-old strategy it's like razor

blades down your face little guys have

very sharp spines the big trophy catfish

those spines are kind of dull as they

get older they just get duller and

duller so you always got to be most

careful with the tiny little guys with

the big catfish you don't need to be too

concerned by big I mean anything over

ten pounds I've never been stabbed by a

really big catfish it takes a lot of

floors to get that very blunt spine to

puncture skin it's the little guys that

you need to worry about about this size

are smaller and what I do is I hold them

like this there's a bone like a shoulder

blade behind each pectoral fin the cat

fish's body is slippery and soft

except for behind those two pectoral

fins and so right there I've got a

really good grip on it and you can do it

over the top with the dorsal fin on this

side so you're controlling the fish and

this spine can't get you and these

spines can't get you or you can do it on

the belly and grab them like this but

either way I've got a good grip on these

shoulder blades behind the pectoral fin

I can also control his tail like this

another way to hold them is to lip

okay you can fold them and grip them

like this and this works pretty good

except for sometimes these suckers can

bite you and especially channel cats for

some reason they really kind of hurt so

I find the easiest way to do it is just

like this now holding a catfish is kind

of like controlling a dog on the leash

the dog can sense whether you know what

you're doing or not if if you're timid

if you're afraid the dog will drag you

around if you tell the dog you show the

dog who's boss you know really firm with

the dog the dog will yield to you most

the time catfish are like that too if

you kind of like you know slimy yucky

you know the fish will flop around and

when they're flopping around that's when

you're most likely to get stuck okay if

you grip them tight they kind of know

what's up and then you just sit there

and they hold still a little bit more

okay now you'll see one of the things

see how his spine is straight up this is

retractable you can put it down or it

can pop it up when the fish is scared

when you first unhooking them often that

spine is straight up that's it that's an

instinct from when they're little if

they were to be swallowed by a big cat

fishing stick that spine straight up and

it would stab the roof of the mouth and

hopefully they would get spit out so

when they're scared they'll pop that

spine straight up but anyway that's the

trick grip them by these shoulder blades

behind the pectoral fins either from the

top of the bottom grip them firmly okay

kind of show them who's boss

or lip them and just be really careful

now for the fish's safety also you might

want to consider kneeling down on the

ground like I am right now because if

you drop the fish from six feet up you

know that can really hurt them

especially they land on rocks or

something you're not going to kill this

fish and eat it

don't hurt it okay so you know keep it

near the ground especially if you're a

little uncertain about whether or not

you can hold a fish without dropping it

you know when you're first starting out

and get your picture and then get them

back in the water all right that being

said let's uh

let's get them back

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