Correct pour for a Brandy Snifter

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everybody will come back to Jeanne's

martinis today we're going to go over

cognacs so depending on the bar that you

work at you need to know what type of

cognac you have these coin necks are

basically the Brandy's unless they are

made from the cognac region of France

that look that's what makes them cognacs

we have Hennessy we have Cordon Bleu

Martel Cordon Bleu and B&B we also have

remy VSOP which is a sparkling champagne

cognac so these are your points are

usually pretty expensive so there are

more they're high-end products so

usually when people ask for brand for

any of these cognacs they're in a brandy

snifter that's the way they're served

usually annecy is very popular like

honey and coke is very popular but

otherwise they're all served in brandy

snifters what you should do is when you

pour it like count about four and that's

really all that should be in a brandy

snifter that when you lay it on its side

it should not tip out it should come

right to the rim without tipping out

without falling out so that would be the

correct pour of a brandy snifter I

suppose we filter the top unless of

course the person wants a double or

triple otherwise that's the correct port

for a brandy snifter and there to sip it

you're not gulp it I hope you enjoy your

brandy snifter and until next time