Better Bowling | How To Put Your Hand In A Bowling Ball

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alright guys welcome back to the Brad

and Cal channel and today we're gonna

teach you guys how to put your hand on

the ball in the best tip we can give you

to do that stay tuned so Brad when we

talk about putting our hand in the ball

I think we should mention that it's a

very personalized thing now there's a

lot of different teachings out there on

how to put your hand in the ball but

they don't necessarily work for everyone

for instance what one teaching out there

is that you can when you put your hand

the ball you should put the grip

pressure on the back of your thumb

pushed in the back of your thumb against

your thumb hole and we have both tried

that and it feels terrible to us you


we don't do that most of our grip

pressures either at the top here or on

the other side of our thumb and that's

just an example you know that to bowlers

that have achieved success in this sport

we go against the grain on that teaching

another teaching is that you shouldn't

dig and diggings bad you know that's

something that people here you know

approach up guys say I shouldn't dig

well I'm not saying you should or you

shouldn't but me and Brad dig a lie

especially when we're trying to hit the

ball and dig meaning when you put your

fingers in right oh you put them farther

in downfall yeah more than enough

basically passed that mercilessly that's

a bad thing when we when we get to the

point where we're doing and we're pumped

you know yeah like heck yeah we're

getting after this thing so the so the

point there is is that it's personalized

you know in just examples with us we go

against the grain on some common

teachings but I think we can find a

common ground on what most bowlers

should do when putting their hand in so

Brad what is something that you know we

can teach most people I think something

to think about when you're putting your

hand in the ball and you're standing

there in your stances you don't want any

tension in your wrists and pretty much

up through your arms as well you kind of

want that to be relaxed if this gets

tense then it kind of you bring some

muscle into the ball right and we don't

want most kind of redirect it in its

swing and you start controlling it and

then your release is probably a little

bit harder and it all just kind of

starts this like radish tropic thing so

we really want the tension and the wrist

to be very relaxed and so I'll kind of

tell you a couple things how I do that I

always hold the weight of the ball in

this hand when I go to put my hand on

the ball I like I like doing that you

put your fingers into your liking

deep down not in at all you know

whatever you want put your thumb in and

then when you go to stance you know I've

seen a lot of people do it people get

made fun of for it give a little shake

of the elbow yeah it's important it's

important to keep this whole the hand

the forearm the elbow shoulder just

loose any tension in any of these areas

starts causing muscle and we don't want

a muscle to swing yeah and when I'm

standing in my stance I'm still holding

the weight of the ball in this hand okay

I know you're at least majority of it

that way you your thumb left hand in the

left hand yeah yeah when you when I'm

standing there there's still a good

portion of the way of the ball in this

hand that way you can still kind of keep

a relaxed thing another thing that may

not be for everybody but if you go a

little bit shorter on your span that

that's gonna laugh a little bit relaxed

grip if you get stretched with the span

just just stretch your hand out you have

to use muscle here yeah so a little bit

more relaxed grip can be something you

could potentially go to but the overall

goal is a try and conquer that relaxed

feel yeah if we are if we're tense at

the set up here guys it's gonna be

really hard to relax that swing it's

hard to go from a tense position to

untense we might as well just start in a

very relaxed position so Brad why don't

we try a shot here so do it just walk us

through your setup here and how you

would go through so grab the ball off

the wrap yep hold it in my left hand

kind of point the finger store to put

the fingers in throw the thumb in put it

up give it a little shake weight of the

ball on the left hand yep so let's see

it then we're just gonna give it a shot

over/under seven take a knee under

I got lucky all day okay so there you go


make sure you know there's no right way

to put your hand in the ball it's very

personalized but try to keep it as

relaxed as possible that's gonna help

you keep a relaxed swing and make

consistent shots alright guys thanks for

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