How to Hook a Bowling Ball

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what's up guys welcome back to the

YouTube channel today I'm gonna be

teaching you now you can hook a bowling

ball like me let's get started



see what like a bowling ball right but

you're not sure how to well you came to

the right place because I know how to

hook a bowling ball

pretty good right now I'm not gonna say

how I'm the best at doing this but I

definitely don't want thing or two on

how to rotate the ball correctly to get

the right motion downlink and today I'm

gonna walk you through on how to get

that motion and what it should look like

now the first thing I'm going to suggest

is get with your local Pro Shop and have

a ball custom fit to your hand so that

you can rotate the ball correctly now I

know this may not be an option for all

of you which is fine and I'm gonna still

go over some of the steps that you can

use when you grab a house fall your

local bowling center and you'll be able

to show up all your friends and know how

to hook this bowling ball correctly so a

bowling ball let's grab one real quick

well look at that a roto grip Idol pearl

one of my favorite bowling balls right


and if you don't have one you need to

get this ball on your back now me as you

can see I have one fingertip hole and

one conventional grip holes the star G

sorry not all of you are gonna want this

or need this but the principles are

still the same you're gonna want to get

a ball that's custom fit to your hand

and so as you can see here my finger

goes in one knuckle and this would be

for both of your fingers on most balls

and then for you householders you're

gonna want to get this finger all the

way in to the second knuckle I do it a

little differently and I have one finger

in to the first knuckle and one finger

in to the second and this is the basis

for rotating the ball correctly

so first what you're gonna want to do

and you don't need to do this but this

is how most people get their hand in the

ball as they get your finger holds your

fingers in the finger holes first and

then your thumb now some people like

Tommy Jones and Dick Allen put their

thumb and then their fingers this is

completely okay and it's a very personal

preference thing so what you're gonna

want to do also is use these two fingers

not these two fingers your middle two

fingers when you're putting your hand on

the ball like so once we get our hands

into this position it's gonna make it

really easy but when we throw the ball

to get our hand in the correct

position to rotate the ball correctly to

get the correct motion down lane here

I'm going to show you a drill to help

you get this feeling in your arm and in

your wrist on how to get the hand in the

correct position so that we can roll the

ball correctly take a look okay so this

drill which I will be showing you a

demonstration in the next clip I'm just

plant it down as if I was finishing nice

and squatted just swinging the ball back

and forth with my wrists in the position

that I want so now right there at the

end I just released the ball as I

normally would you know you know full

step approach just without you know the

error of timing or anything so here's a

great slow-motion view of exactly what

I'm looking for on what I'm doing this

drill so you can see right where my

wrist is and bang wrapping around that

ball right over the top of it so that is

the motion that you're gonna want to see

as you roll the ball down the link so

what I did there is that went up to the

foul line and got into my stance on how

I would finish just like this nice and

squanders you know on my plant foot got

my hand in the ball like that just

showed you and then swung it a couple

times just like that what that allows me

to do is get a very controlled

environment and put my hand in the exact

position and I'd want to without having

to take all those steps at a certain

speed to the foul line this is a great

drill and something I practice every

time I go and hit the lanes for a

practice session and it's something you

should do and incorporate into your

practice sessions to get your wrist in

the correct position this next drill is

great for getting a little more speed

into that swing without still taking all

these steps and letting timing be an

issue what I do here is take three steps

from about where the ball return ends to

the foul line and still really focusing

on getting my hand and wrist in the

correct position of the back of the ball

to create the rotation that I'm looking

for down Lane so that I can get the ball

motion through the pins that I like to

see okay so here I'm doing a three step

approach right in front of where the

ball returned intence I just take three

steps get the ball going

so that again timing is no longer an

issue and I can get around the ball a

little harder so here you can see where

that handy speed and wrapping around

starting in the bottom third so the left

bottom left quadrant there this is how

you get to rather rotate continue on

Lane and drive through the pins I also

use this in tournaments from the lanes

get really Burton you have to get really

far left in from the ball return a

three-step approach it's definitely

something you're gonna want to have in

your arsenal to lastly what I do is

incorporated both those drills into a

full swing so I can get some speed

behind the ball and take a look what

that should look like in your normal

league play or when you're really out

there trying to score so these shots

here I really want you to pay attention

to that you're taking a look at now this

is the ball motion that I'm talking

about throughout this whole part of this

video you're wanting to see the ball

read earlier and make a very controlled

reaction to the pocket now obviously you

need to do still need to put some axes

till on the ball so side rotation to get

the ball to carry out the corners but

you want that to be nice and slow that's

a great representation here with an IQ

tour this is the side view you can

really see how that ball turns in the

pocket this is the motion that you're

really wanting to see when you're out

competing especially when the shots get

tougher these videos were great the ball

should look like the ball motion down

late and what that should look like as

well if you're not seeing these results

you may be wanting to take another look

at this video see exactly where I get my

wrist in line with the ball on the

bottom left quadrant of that ball and

getting up the back of it so I can get

that nice controlled motion that drives

through the pins now you may be saying I

don't use my thumb where I'm a

two-handed bowler well some of these

principles are still going to apply to

you and I'm going to show you here Tom

Doherty and Jason Imani are great

examples of someone who Tom Doherty just

uses his fingers and Jason Belmonte uses

two hands these people still get their

wrists in the same position that

everybody does at the professional level

right at the bottom corner or a bottom

left corner quadrant of the bowling ball

as you can see that I've shown

in these last few clips when you're

two-handed you're still going to get

into this position and at the end still

moving up the back of the ball and then

when you're using no fingers

you're still gonna really want to try to

get as far underneath and behind the

ball as you possibly can using these

pointers are gonna impress your friends

and get you hooking the ball so you can

create the correcting and training all

under the pins and you can strike more

hey guys I really appreciate you tuning

into this video it was really fun to

make I hope it's gonna help you guys out

and literally kind of hook the ball

better take a look at my next few videos

there's some great content coming up


when there's no public