How To Hook A Bowling Ball

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all right welcome everyone it's Brad and

Kyle and today we are going to be

talking about the infamous question of

how to hook a bowling ball stay tuned

all right Kyle what he got for us today

so hook is a very general term that we

use in bowling but when we talk about


we're generally referring to the

right-to-left motion as the ball goes

down the lane for a right-hander and

then vice-versa for a left-hander now

there's a lot of variables that go into

hooking the bowling ball but we're gonna

focus on the very basics today and that

is the release at the bottom of the

swing now when we have when we're

focusing on the release we want to make

sure that we're under the ball ball

creating good leverage now I'm gonna use

this pen as an example if I try to spin

this pen and I try to get on top of it I

can't spin it very well I don't have a

lot of control and it's very difficult

however if I keep my hand under the pen

and I try to spin it

I very good leverage I can spin it

however I want with a lot of control

saying concept goes for trying to hook a

ball ball we want to make sure we're

under that bowling ball at the point of

release so Brad what's a good drill that

we can use to try to maintain better

leverage so the best drill you can do at

home it's a very common it's a very

basic drill but it's very powerful drill

is the 1 step drill the 1 step drill is

basically you stand three feet or three

feet away from the foul line you take a

swing step and then you release and it's

a great drill because it eliminates all

the other steps in the approach and it

focuses primarily on the release now

what you want to do what you want to

focus on is what you're actually doing

when you release the ball so a lot of

you guys I can tell you right now

when you go to release the ball you're

going to be on top of it it's very

common and honestly it's very natural so

what I want you to work on when you

actually do this drill is I want you to

take your swing step and then focus on

trying to be more on the bottom of it

now it's going to feel weird it's going

to be difficult but it's very very

important to learning how to get the

ball into a roll so I'm going to

demonstrate it real quick okay so what

are so what do we focus these on

when we do this drill so what I like to

see when I do this drill is I want to

see my ball hook too much if my ball

goes into the left gutter I know I'm

doing it correctly because for one this

drill makes you throw it a little slower

which is also a really good thing about

the drill so what I want to see is I

want to see my ball Rev really really

early too early and I want to watch it

going to the left gutter because that

means that I got good leverage behind

the ball okay so let's see

okay not quite in the left gutter but

but yeah plenty of plenty of folks yeah

we can tell there that his emphasis was

on staying under the ball and guys we

don't care

necessarily what the ball motion is but

we want to make sure that we're seeing

that ball hook and that we're staying

under it and just doing that is gonna

create a lot of much important to learn

and be comfortable with your ball

hooking more you have to physically see

it and this drill allows you to slow

everything down focus on what you're

actually doing and seeing the ball read

earlier than normally and that's a very

good point guys when we're trying to

hook a ball ball it's very important to

match up that speed to Rev rate so we

would much rather see you throw the ball

a little slower but create proper ball

motion as opposed to throwing the ball

too fast and throwing it through that

breakpoint yeah once the ball goes past

the breakpoint it becomes very very hard

to Bowl games high and consistent

alright guys that's it for this video if

you liked the video give it a thumbs up

just remember when you're working on

this drill make sure your hand is more

on the under part of the bowling ball

you will see you will see a lot of great

results in terms of ball motion and the

ball goes online and guys if there's

anything else that you want to know just

drop it in the comments we'd love to

help you out help you with any issues

that you're having so thanks guys

thanks see ya