How To Properly Hold a Viola Bow

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hiya welcome to Villa mancom today I

want to show you how to hold the bow

alright so here's the bow you want to

take your thumb and you want to place it

you see where this black leather starts

and where the beginning of the ebony on

the Frog start well you want to put your

thumb right there but on the on the

inside like I'm doing right now then you

want to put your other fingers together

on top of the stick take and lift your

pinky put it on top now turn the hand


now I'm going to let go with my other

hand the pinky should always be on top

and curved see how my pinky is curved

right there that will give you strength

to hold the bow up see if I let go then

this can happen so the pinky needs to

press the bow up like that so pinky on

top fingers together the first finger

will give you the strength when you're

playing when you need to play harder you

turn your hand counterclockwise so

you're turning into the string you don't

use any muscles any shoulder or anything

you just turn into the string and having

two fingers close together gives you

flexibility see how I'm able to bend my

fingers like this if my fingers are too

stiff or too wide apart I won't be able

to do that but if you're together I can

do that the fingers kind of Bend and

they're flexible so let me give you some

more angles here down bow up bow down

bow but you see my pinky stays on there

the whole time it's always on top of the

stick that's a down bow for me there's a

nut ball right there - down bow okay so

that's how you hold the bow I'll go

through it one more time real quick take

your thumb and place it between the

beginning of the leather and the

beginning of the Frog take your other

fingers on top put your pinky on top of

the stick keep it curved and turn your

hand like that that's basically the

holds you have right there that's a very

good viola bow hold and violin as well

thank you for visiting viola man