How To Hold Your Bow Steady

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so the question was guy just got a brand

new Matthews verdicts and he's having

some trouble holding the pin steady what

could be some problems there well first

thing you may want to check is have you

ever actually had your draw length

measured a lot of people come in to buy

a bow and they say I my buddy shoots 29

inches I'm about his size let's do 20 9

inches and but that may not be the right

draw length for you so go to a pro shop

have your draw length measured because

if you're especially too short on a draw

length that'll really make some

vibration in those pins when you're

trying to aim another thing you want to

think of is how you're gripping the bow

these grips on these bows look like

something you should grip like a pistol

but that's actually not the correct way

to hold the bow for consistency a good

way to check for proper hand position

hold your hand out like you're saying

stop rotate it just slightly have the

bow grip right in there and then you can

see how my knuckles are versus this out

to here this is going to be a more

neutral position where you're only

pushing the bow forward versus if you're

gripping it like this there's a lot of

left-right torque that can happen

something else you may want to consider

are stabilizers in my opinion

stabilizers are one of the most

underutilized devices by bowhunters now

this is a Matthews Traverse it's not the

verdicts but you can see my stabilizer

set up I've got weights behind and

weights out front when I hold this bow

it sits very still in my hands so those

stabilizers are what's helping me hold

this bow steady and then lastly if you

want it can just be practice a lot of

times when we're practicing the emphasis

is on shooting so in addition to your

shooting practice on the line there also

takes some time and just practice aiming

see if that doesn't help