You're Doing It Wrong: How to Shoot an Arrow

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hey what's up my name is Russell Johnson

I'm the manager over here at Gotham arch

in Manhattan I'm gonna be showing you

the correct way to shoot an arrow start

with your arrow arrow has a little space

in between clip that right onto the

bowstring you want to put it underneath

this brass knocking point and pop it on

once it's there one finger above your

arrow and two below bring your arms up

together now you're going to drive your

hand back all the way so you hit here

all the way back stretch you reach

something called an anchor point in

archery an anchor point in archery is a

specific place to have consistency an

arrow is a straight line so from here if

I pull really low I'll shoot high if I

pull really high I'll shoot low you want

to be in a straight position across you

always want to have consistency over the

same place every single time then your

form should group together their arrows

should go all into the same spot common

mistakes a lot of people are way too

tense your shoulders are right into

their neck they're not comfortable at

all you want to be nice and relaxed and

confident with what you're doing so it's

a smooth draw back all the way back to

coming down

when you release nice and still then you

can break