How To Hold A Wine Glass

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hello my name is Tina leader and I'm

going to do a quick disclaimer really

fast I don't usually drink wine or

alcohol in general but when I do I drink

red wine so I am demonstrating from a

red wine glass here let me just explain

to you the anatomy of a wine glass

before we get into it first of all in

this scenario there is a stem there's a

base and then there's the cup of course

now the reason why it is the way that it

is in shape form is that the stem is

made so you don't have a heat transfer

that happens between your hand and the


so in general we do hold it to by the

stem for that reason the wine is

seemingly at a perfect temperature and

you go ahead and drink now

if for some reason the wine is cooled

it's too cold whatever it is you can

hold it like so now just know that when

you hold it like this that the hand does

a natural heat transfer into or onto the

wine so just be aware of that when you

do that and then once it's at a great

temperature for you and your liking then

you could go ahead and hold it by the

stem now there are the James Bond of the

world and the rebels of the world who

hold it to by the base now this is

perfectly okay to do personally I will

be very nervous especially if you're

doing red wine and there's a rug around

or something of that scenario but if you

are confident in doing this and you can

walk around and you can drink like so

then go ahead there's nothing wrong with

it it just makes me personally nervous

but there's nothing wrong with it it may

make other people nervous as well

alright so in a normal scenario you do

hold it to by the stem and there you go

that is how you hold a wine glass if you

found this helpful and you want to know

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