How to Do a Flip to Pour Bottle Trick | Flair Bartending

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hi I'm Chris Cardone I work at the

Beatrice in and I'm going to teach you

how to do a flip to a pour bottle trick

the most important thing is how to

finish your Flair routine you're doing

all sorts of stuff bottles are going all

over the place everyone's sitting there

like this watching everything you're

doing all in all how do you finish how

do you pour the bottle the last thing

you want to do is do all this crazy

stuff and then just take the bottle and

go like that it's anticlimactic it

doesn't work so what we want to do is we

want to learn how to flip the pour so

what you're going to do is you hold your

bottle and what's called a bartender

grip instead of holding it like this

we're going to hold it by the neck just

like a bartender would take it out of

the bottle or out of there well so what

we're going to do is we're going to take

our bottle we're going to take our tin

the mouths going to face up because

that's what we're going to pour it into

and we're going to take our bottle and

you're going to snap it outward away

from your body and what you're going to

do is as soon as you let go of your

bottle you're going to simply open your

hand and the bottle is going to fall

right back into it so it looks like this

it's really easy actually it's a one

rotation you're just going to snap open

and let the ball bottle fall in your

hand it's already in a pouring position

now with your other hand you can have

your tin set here ready to go so you're

gonna flip catch and you're already

pouring the bottle then as you get more

and more comfortable you go to glass

with liquid in it again with because

we're flipping the bottle so typical

forces involved so we want to make sure

that the bottle has less than two ounces

or two ounces or less anymore than that

this move can't be done we have to

figure out a different way to pour maybe

we can take the bottle and throw it

around our head but in this case what

we're going to do is we're going to take

our bottle our tin we're going to set it

we're going to flip and we're going to

pour when you're done you bring your

bottle down to cut the pour and then

we're going to just put our tin or on

the bar if we're doing shots maybe we'll

pour it straight from a tin into our

glass so you again just to reiterate the

concept we're going to take our bottle

we're going to put our tin here we're

going to flip our bottle catch our

bottle pour when we're ready to stop

we're going to simply bring our bottle

down we're going to pour it into our

glass or whatever we're pouring it into

and that is how you do a bottle flip to

a pour