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hey guys I'm Freddie Wong and you may

have know some different about me I got

a haircut so today I'm going to tell you

how to hold a boom hey guys I'm Kevin

and I'm gonna show you how to hold a

boom properly there's typically three

pieces involved in a boom pole setup the

boom pole the microphone itself and the

cable which is not here right now an

important thing to keep in mind is which

direction the microphone is pointed this

is usually good this is usually not so

what you want to do is use this boom

pull to get the microphone roughly over

the actors head you're usually pointing

down at them and you want to make sure

you're staying out of the picture so the

easiest way to do this is to hold the

pole pretty much level to the ground you

want to go out in this parallel lines I

helped keep you out of the frame if you

hold it like a fishing pole not only do

you look like a complete perv it will

usually get in the shot and there's a

couple other positions that are

generally okay unacceptable you can have

it over like this which is usually how

you do it but you can also kind of rest

it on your head or on your neck without

looking like a total idiot that's all

okay the other thing you want to keep in

mind is minimize your movement be really

efficient with how you're moving the

boom you don't want to be doing you know

this all the time because because

that'll happen when you're booming a

dialogue scene the two characters you

typically want to get the boom up right

in between the two of them so you can

just rotate your wrists to get both

actors on mic like this another thing to

keep in mind is your boom pole will be

adjustable in length you typically want

to have the pullout longer than you

actually need it because if you're

holding for a shot you're way down here

at the end of the pole it'll get really

heavy but if you give yourself a little

more extension

you can hold the pole a little closer to

the middle and it counterweights itself

a little better thanks for watching guys

and if all else fails make sure the

power is turned on that's really obvious

but it's important that someone says it