Book Tasting Instructional Video: How to Host a Book Tasting Event

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hi this is James Malone from ela

seminars in this video I'm going to show

you how to host a book tasting event

first I'll be sharing some photos of one

that I set up in a classroom and one

that I set up in a library then I'll

give examples of things you can have

students look for in fiction pieces and

things you can have them look for in

nonfiction pieces and I'll end by taking

you through one book tasting session

from start to finish to get started all

you need is a class set of menus plates

and books in the classroom the place

setting for each student includes one

plate one book and one menu I like to

stand each menu up and turn off the

lights so it looks a little like a

restaurant when students enter the room

in the library I set it up buffet style

by putting menus on the plates and then

piling a bunch of books in the middle of

the table one of the things I love about

book tasting is that it can be used with

fiction or nonfiction texts if I'm

running a fiction event I might tell

students to write a 1 or 2 line review

or just make a list of favorite lines or

identify author's craft techniques or

even go on a grammar hunt for whatever

the skill of the week is when I host a

nonfiction event students might record

discussion worthy quotes or look for

evidence of author bias or locate

transition words and phrases or maybe

I'll ask them to identify facts as

either interesting or important now

let's take a look at a typical book

tasting event lesson the first thing you

have to do is tell students what they

will be on the lookout for during the

event so you might say something like

today's book tasting task is to find

eight memorable limes here's how you'll

do it first read a book for five minutes

and when time is called write down your

two favorite limes then either pass your

book to the right or return your book to

the pile

and select another one you will be

sampling a total of four books today

when the session is over you'll be

sharing some of your selections with the

class that's when we'll talk about what

made those lines stand out for you or

what technique the author might have

used to get your attention

I sometimes collect the student

responses and use them as exit tickets

or as assessment pieces but most of the

time I have students keep the menu

covers so they can continue to add

inserts students will then be able to

use completed inserts as reference tools

or as writing springboards for future

assignments remember the only materials

you need to host your own book tasting

event are menus plates and books and if

you'd like to use any of the materials

shown in this demo you'll find links to

them below the video