How To Hold A Girl's Hand

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Tripp Kramer here from www.trippadvice.com and next to me, my

beautiful girlfriend Britney Potter. You might recognize her from a video we did

a few months ago called "How To Make A Girl Smile" and she's still smiling.

Amazing. How did we do that? If you want to follow her on Instagram, I'm gonna put

her handle below in the description. Very simple. It's @potter.

So @potter, thanks for being here. You're welcome. I'm so happy to be here. Thanks for being here

in the place that we live. I'm so glad you decided to show up. We're talking today about how to hold a

girl's hand and Brittany has some really great advice and some good insight into

a topic that I know feels kind of funny. I was talking to you about this before.

It feels funny to make a video on how to hold a girl's hand because it's simple.

This is it. That's how you do it, end of video. But there is a little bit

more to it than just holding a girl's hand. I want you to understand the reason

behind why it's important. Also, Britney has some really good tips into when you

can do it to make it less awkward, because just like the first kiss it is a

little awkward to break the touch barrier. It's awkward to just go in and

start touching a girl when you guys haven't done that before and it makes a

lot of guys nervous. When a guy holds my hand, I feel very comforted, it's a

move you can kind of make on the first or second date just because, like I said,

it does break that touch barrier. And it makes a girl who may be a little bit shy

or nervous feel like she can open up to you because you're kind of making that

first move and she's like okay, he's making me feel comforted, he's making me

feel safe here. I feel like I can kind of open up. I think once you do break that

touch barrier, a girl is able to kind of be like ok, I'm able to relax,

he's comforting me. Maybe she's nervous whether or not you like

her. I don't know but she's going to feel more comfortable. You're making a

good point here when you're saying that it makes her feel more comfortable. I

think that when it comes to first getting to know a girl is that they

don't always feel comfortable with you right away.

You're saying this is a really great move to do to

break the touch barrier, to make her feel more comfortable with you and

getting to that point where you guys might end up going for a kiss and

having more dates. I think with that being said there is a great way to hold

a girl's hand and I just want to be very clear here, you can pretty much

hold her hand in any way and it's going to be fine. I'm just giving you some of

the best practices. Basically a really good way to hold her hand is when

your hand or your arm is above hers and then you hold it like this.

Let's stand up for a second. As you can see here my hand is

completely over hers, my arm is over hers versus hers being over mine.

Again, not much of a difference but there is something when I'm holding her

hand over this and holding Brittany's hand like this that she's feeling a

little bit more secure and a little bit more protected. as you can see here, my

arm is over hers and there's two different ways to do it. You can

interlock your fingers just like this or you can do what I call the cup, which is

just your hands kind of in this cup and you're holding like this. It really doesn't

matter what you're doing, but at the end of the day a little bit more romantic, a

little bit more comforting is when you guys have the interlocking fingers like

this. I recommend doing it like this. Just so I don't sound crazy

here because I know we're getting into really specific details on how

to hold a girl's hand, but when it's like this and my hand is over yours and

my arms is over yours versus me being underneath, do you feel a difference

there? Yeah, this feels uncomfortable to me. It feels kind of weird.

Where as if you're on top. This is nice. This is comforting. I can't explain it.

It's just more comfortable. Another thing is timing. When should you go and hold a girl's hand and

we were talking about this before. You actually had some ideas of when a guy

can go to hold a girl's hand so it's not so awkward or weird because

again we're breaking the touch barrier. I think it probably does

feel really weird if you're on a first or second date to reach across the

table and ask for their hand or whatever so I think the best time to hold a

girl's hand is when you are going somewhere, when you have a destination so

you're either going to the date, going to another ba,r going to your car, going to

her uber. Like in transition.

In transition. it's a transitional move, and there are two words that you should

use when you do it. You just have to say "Let's go" and grab her hand.

If you just go hey come on let's go. We're going to go to a night club. Come on,

let's go. You just have to say let's go and you grab her hand

and take her wherever you're going and you're leading the way, you're grabbing

her hand, take her with you and then you know you can kind of maneuver your way

into holding like this or however you're going to hold her hand. But it

makes her feel like you're in control and like you're leading her. I think

another way to do it is instead of going right to hold her hand, if you're doing

this let's go move where you guys are in transition, you can go and

kind of touch her elbows so imagine we're sitting here I'm like hey let's go

I go like this and then I move into grabbing your hand. So you're kind

of breaking the touch barrier by kind of touching her arm, grabbing her elbow and

then slowly moving into holding her hand. Which is just another way to make

it less awkward. Another good move to do if you want to make this more

seamless into moving into your first kiss is if you guys are holding hands you

guys are walking, what you can do is when you're holding your hand, just give it

like a little squeeze and that's going to sort of motion her to stop but you're

going to have to also stop so squeeze her hand a little bit. You stop and you

turn towards her and then you go for a kiss. Another thing you can do is if

you're in control of her hand, you can slow her down and then

grab her other hand like that and go in for it. Alright,

lots of great information on how to hold a girl's hand. Who knew there'd be so much

to talk about in terms of just holding a girl's hand?

One note that's very important, I know you guys will be asking this in the

comments, what if you go to hold her hand and she feels uncomfortable, she

kind of backs off a little bit or she flinches a little bit or maybe you go to

hold her hand and then you're holding it for 30 seconds but then she sort of

lets go. What I want you to do is make sure to just not pay attention to it. If

this is happening that just means she's not comfortable yet, she's not ready to

get that physical yet or break the touch barrier so you have to respect that. I

wouldn't try again, I would just kind of let that go but also not to make it

awkward. You just keep going with the date. Don't call attention to it,

don't be like why don't you want to hold my hand, don't say anything. Just move

forward with wherever you guys were going to go because if you're doing this

then you were in transition somewhere. Keep going and just understand that

she's not ready yet and that she might be ready at a later time. If

you want to see more amazing Brittany Potter check her out @potter. I'm gonna

put that in the description below. Also follow me on instagram @trippadvice.

That will go below the description. Brittany thank you for doing this and

being here. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video.