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let's talk about how to hold a good book

club discussion I visited dozens of book

clubs and I keep hearing the same

frustration over and over again we can't

sustain a conversation about the book

for more than 15 or 20 minutes so today

I'm going to give you some tips on how

to have a better longer more interesting

book club discussion the first trick is

just to get the gossip out of the way

upfront a lot of book clubs are social

groups and they want to have time to

catch up with each other maybe you

haven't seen each other for the past

month so just allow 20 or 30 minutes or

however long is good for your group at

the beginning when you're first arriving

to sit down relax catch up with each

other and get some of the chat and

gossip out of the way if you find that

it's really hard to sustain a

conversation because that gossiping and

chatting continues on into the meeting

it may be that you need to diversify

your group invite some people who aren't

part of the inner circle so a lot of

book clubs are designed around a

religious organization or a neighborhood

or work and if everybody has those

connections then it's easy to get sucked

into discussion about things in your

lives outside of the book that you've

read but if you each invite somebody

from another part of your life into the

book club you'll have a diverse enough

group of people that the thing that

binds you is then the books that you've

read and not other things that you're

drawn to talk about together

the second thing to ask yourselves is

whether you're choosing the right books

to talk about not every book bears

discussion for more than 15 or 20

minutes so maybe you're just choosing

books that don't have enough meat to

them this is tricky because books that

are really enjoyable and fun and easy to

read tend to be the books that we don't

have that much to say about when we're

finished whereas a book that offers some

more unique challenges or raises some

more interesting issues or just requires

more thought and conversation is going

to be a book that's going to work better


Club discussion so think about the books

that you've been choosing and whether

the kinds of books you've been choosing

maybe part of the problem I have another

whole video that you can view on how to

choose the right books for your book

club so take a look at that as well if

you think that's part of your problem

another suggestion is to actually

appoint someone to lead the discussion

and it has to be somebody who really

enjoys leading the discussion so you may

find that you have just a couple of

people in your book club who actually

like doing that if you want to pass that

job around for month to month and

everybody agrees on that that's fine but

don't feel that you have to do that if

there are some people who enjoy doing it

more and who are better at it another

thing is to have that person who's in

charge of discussion really think

through ahead of time some questions

that are going to elicit good

conversation I have another whole video

on this topic but I'll caution you here

don't rely on the discussion guides in

the back of books they're not usually

very good and now the hard question are

you with the right book club if you're

really the only one who's reading the

books who's really invested in talking

about the books it may be that what you

belong to is a social club where books

are the excuse for getting together

there's nothing wrong with that keep

meeting with that group have a glass of

wine and some conversation every month

but in order to talk about books you may

have to go and look for another book

club or possibly create one yourself if

you have other suggestions about how

you've gotten your book club to talk

more about the books please post them

below and share them with the rest of us

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