How To De-Bone Using A Boning Knife - Bunzl Processor Division/Koch Supplies

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deboning like everything else in the

world is many different ways about how

to do your deboning now the difference

between a chef and the butcher is

different but also from person to person

and the tasks on what you're doing on a

piece of meat can vary so therefore

Victorinox has again a lot of different

knives and here we've got a beautiful

pork loin I go to the smaller knife and

this is then ideal to really get into

the little bones all the way up here on

top without having too much wastage and

meat left on the bone which then goes

into the bin then you're going to turn

it around so now we're just going to

follow the ribs again we take the tip of

the knife

and here we're going to remove the pork

if--let's from from the main backbone so

again we use the knife just go in nice

and close and we follow with the

beautiful tip in all the little corners

that's the tip of the I feel it

beautiful results see only it came off

and this goes to the dogs if you like to

do some more trimming on this you can

again just using the big plate but pork

meat usually is okay to have a little

bit of fat on it so you don't mind

because that's that's all flavor on your

steaks later on you have small trimmings

to do the little one comes in perfectly

there you go you roast the pork you can

roll it you can do a lot of things with

this beautiful result now when slicing

meat this beautiful blade comes in handy

be taking the piece of meat so for a

nice steak just goes through like butter

look at this

so that's your your pork steaks you want

to do like a minute steak again the tip

will help just to transport whatever you

cut off and you put it on a tray or

wherever you want to go and if you do

fine slice tough again

this knife is perfect because it runs

nice and smoothly through anything so

put this aside and then you hold a knife

off the tip of the knife on the board

and you can do fine slice stuff