How to Hold a Bokken : Martial Arts Training

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my name is Robert weeks I'm a mixed

martial artist

today I'm at Main Event Sports Club and

I'm gonna be teaching you how to hold a

bokken properly the bouken consists of

three parts the sukkah the tsuba and the

kissaki the Bokan should be treated just

like a live blade meaning that is then

that it has an edge and a spine similar

to the katana this means that when you

cut with a bokken you need to have a

sharp edge in the correct position to

cut as if you are cutting with a katana

to hold the bouken properly in both

hands you'll have your right hand close

to the tsuba with the sukkah fitting

neatly in the V between your thumb and

forefinger your other hand should be

near the end of the sukkah gently grip

in the handle most practitioners only

grip the sword with their last two

fingers and leave the other fingers

loose for flexibility so that cuts or

blocks won't happen with your right foot

forward and your weight about 60/40

front to back and shoot in Okami

you should hold your Bokan with your

right hand just behind the tsuba in your

left hand close to the end the tip of

the blade should be pointed directly at

your opponent's eyes and that's how you

hold a bokken properly see you guys next