How to hold a finger BMX

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hey guys today I'm gonna be showing you

how to use your finger positioning for a

for a BMX fingerboard so basically

you're gonna want to take your thumb and

your middle finger and you're going to

want to grab this little part right here

and you're gonna want to wrap your

finger around it like that so that you

can grab it and go whoops then different

stuff like grinds you're gonna want to

move your middle finger and your thumb

down here so that you have more control

of the back of the board to be able to

get on to the grind and four bar spins

I'm still have to figure out how to

untighten this but basically go I don't

want to hold this and flick as hard as

you can with this finger and you're

gonna wanna kind of spin your finger

around it I'm still working on that trip

but that's basically how you hold a

finger BMX and see you guys in the next