How to Throw an Unforgettable Party on a $50 Budget!

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gotta get my party hat on paper old

everybody loves a fun party birthdays

holidays anniversaries really doesn't


there's always an occasion for a party

but you have to be careful if you don't

pay attention you can very quickly end

up spending hundreds of dollars for two

hours of your life I'm going to teach

you guys in today's video how to stick

to a fifty dollar budget no matter what

when you are throwing a party how much

money did you spend on your last party

you threw my guess is if you were to go

back through and tally up every single

dollar that you spent on that party you

might start to get a little bit ill that

stops now I like to consider myself

somewhat of an expert when it comes to

planning parties on a budget I like to

give myself the challenge every time I

threw a party which is pretty often a

fifty dollar budget it doesn't matter

the party size it doesn't matter how

many guests I plan on entertaining it

doesn't matter the age of the guest now

this says happy birthday but I'm going

to share with you guys thirteen

brilliant tips thunderously so myself to

help you throw an unforgettable party no

matter the occasion did you guys know

that the New York Post reported last

year that over 25% of parents spent over


every time they threw a party for their

kids that is just insane think about it

what could you do with that money that

you're saving having a super fun super

entertaining delicious party doesn't

have to cost you hundreds of dollars oh

you guys know I'm all about making

everything as easy and as simple as

possible for my pearls which is why I

just so happened to put together this

free printable for you guys this is my


planner checklist on a budget and it's

gonna walk you through all the

categories that you need in order to

plan a party and you guys know if you've

watched any of my videos before anytime

I'm making a shopping list whether it's

for groceries whether it's for

back-to-school shopping whether it for

party planning every single thing on

your list needs to have an estimated

cost to make sure that you are staying

within your budget and there's no

surprises when you come to the checkout

that is exactly what you're gonna find

on this party planner worksheet within

each category I have a list of the

essentials that you're gonna need but

there's also room for you to add in

anything that you want to customize and

make it personal for your party and then

with every single item that you put on

this list there's a spot for you to put

your estimated cost in and then put a

total down at the bottom I really think

this is gonna be helpful for you guys

when it comes time for you to start

planning your party and helping you keep

your party on budget so click the link

down below and you can get that free

printable sent to your email all right

13 tips for you to start planning your

party on a budget my tip number one is

to do a DIY food bar so examples of

types of foods that I'm talking about

you could do a mashed potato bar a baked

potato bar salad bar soup bar taco bar

pasta bar sandwich bar or build your own

pizza bar those types of foods are what

I'm talking about and what's nice when

it's a DIY food bar is you just put out

all the different toppings or

ingredients things to build the meal

separately and everyone can build their

own customized meal to how they like it

which is really good for those picky

kids weirdos I guess just remember that

when you're gathering ingredients for

these meals that you want to make as

much of the food yourself because

cooking food at home is not that hard it

might take a little bit more time if you

plan ahead it's gonna save you a lot

more money than if you were to go out

and buy catered food my second tip for

you guys staying on the topic of food is

when you're planning these meals also

plan meals that do not require a lot of

meat in my no planning videos I always

talk about using meals that use me as a

side attraction same rule goes for party

planning meat can be the most expensive

ingredient when it comes to meals so

sticking with this tip is gonna help you

guys save lots of money tip number three

is to have a potluck I don't recommend

doing this if it's like a birthday party

or anniversary parties where it's

focused on one person because in that

situation I kind of feel like it's like

hey come celebrate me and bring me food

and bring me gifts it just seems a

little bit needy

we're not needy pearls but for other

celebrations like fourth of July a

weekend barbecue Father's Day Christmas

Thanksgiving or just a group movie night

at your house

pot Luck's are perfect a lot of times

what I like to do when I'm doing

throwing parties like that if I will

provide the main course and then I ask

my guests on the invitation important to

include on the invitation I asked my

guests to just bring their favorite

fill-in-the-blank so maybe it's a

dessert bring your favorite dessert

bring your favorite salads bring your

favorite pasta things like that give

specific assignments so you know what to

plan for my tip number four might be a

little bit hard for son I know I had to

grow into this but what it is is to

accept others offers for help or to

bring food just make sure that when you

are going to others parties that you do

the same thing and offer your help or to

bring some food tip number five this is

a big one on my Instagram chat that we

did the other day is DIY your own cake

or cupcakes you're buying cupcakes or

cakes from the store it easily starts at

$25 per dozen or per cake I don't care

how many it feeds how giant is or how

delicious it is $25 is half of my budget

I could do so much more with the money I

save if I were to make it at home making

cupcakes at home from scratch it's

really not that hard

Pinterest has a million recipes out

there that are delicious or just stock

up when you see the cake mixes at the

store on sale for a dollar and you're

good you can easily make enough cake or

cupcakes for your party starting around

like five dollars sometimes even less if

you don't have that big of a party

that's a 75% savings see how we're

starting to cut costs down here a little

bit more DIY that's gonna save you a ton

of money number six let's talk about

party favors to help cut party costs one

of the things I like to do for our party

favors is to send home little bagged up

treats if they see their take home

goodie bag filled with a treat like a

home baked cookie they get way more

excited than if they

to see a bag full of just trinkets

filled up from the dollar store that's

just some clutter your house and it's

gonna end up in the trash in less than a

week so yeah a little backed up tree is

better I go to is just doing a really

simple fun sugar cookie decorated with a

little frosting and some cute sprinkles

something I did recently insured on my

Instagram was for mass party he wanted

an ice-cream party that's all he wanted

was an ice cream all I did was buy the

clear treat bags from the dollar store I

also picked up two bags of cotton candy

from the dollar store and I also picked

up a box of ice cream cones from the

dollar store I filled the ice cream

cones with a little ball of cotton candy

to make it look like ice cream put it in

one of the little baggies and tighten it

up the kids loved it and it only cost me

$3 to get 12 goodie bags speaking of the

dollar store my tip number seven is to

be careful when you are shopping for

party supplies at the dollar store those

single dollar purchases can add up very

very quickly so go to the dollar store

with a plan before you head to the store

make sure you have a shopping list with

the estimated cost per item but you know

exactly how much you are planning to

spend at the dollar store and how that

works into your budget we're tip about

the dollar store is when you are

searching for party supplies there look

for packages that have more than one

item in there so for what a lot of times

at the dollar store you'll have the same

exact thing with one in the package and

multiples in the package you're gonna

save money by buying the multiples for

the same price as you would buy the

single step number eight make sure

you're using your party planner

checklist on a budget I already went

into how to use it

just remember click the link down below

print it out use it tip number nine make

sure you're using what you have at home

first I have a bucket in our garage

where I just started collecting all our

leftover party supplies check leftover

party supplies first before you start

heading out to the store or even before

you start planning plan around what you

already have at home and you can also

get creative by using things like

lighting and other home decor that you

might have around your house mixing it

up and putting it in odd places to use

as party decorations Christmas twinkle

lights that's a good one to use tip

number 10 is

your party outside obviously not

everyone can do this year around but if

the weather permit and you have a nice

enough looking yard go through the party


you don't need nearly as many

decorations to throw a party outside

where there's already natural beauty

everywhere tip number 11 is to choose

one splurge item every time I throw a

party I choose one thing that I'm gonna

splurge a little bit of money on example

would be something like this where I'm

having a really fun party banner it's

not super specific to that exact party I

buy something that's on general enough

in color and in style that I can reuse

it in different parties when you have a

$50 budget a splurge is going to look

more like maybe ten twelve dollars

that's kind of what we're talking about

here if you guys are interested I'll

actually leave a link for this party

banner that we got from Matt's birthday

falls within the splurge budget and I

plan on reusing it for any birthday

party I have in the future number twelve

let's talk about activities and games

Pinterest is gonna be your best friend

it's head over to Pinterest and search

DIY games activities or crafts for

fill-in-the-blank if it's for adults it

is for teenagers if it's for kids you're

gonna find something on Pinterest

guaranteed for little kids I usually

like to do some sort of crafts or maybe

like a science experiment like doing

slime and then also it kind of doubles

as a party favor because then they get

to bring that home with them teens might

be a little bit more interested in

things like activities so you could do

something like a DIY Ninja Warrior

obstacle course a selfie photo booth

would be super easy and cheap to set up

or just a DIY dance floor they would

have so much fun of all US adults are a

little bit easier to believe if you do

want to have a fun activity at your

party just head back over to Pinterest

and search for group date ideas and all

those ideas would make good activities

for a party and tip number 13 has to do

with your invitations for your party DIY

invitations is a lot easier than you

think there's no need to pay for

anything on Etsy unless let your splurge

item but I like to use canva.com

on their website they have a ton of free

templates that are super customizable

just click on the invitation template

and you can scroll through until you

find a design

that either fits the theme for your

party or you can customize the colors of

the invitation to make it fit the theme

of your party and most everything on

there is a free template if not it's

only a dollar and all you have to do is

download it you can either email or text

out the invitations if you do want a

physical invitation to melt out to

people in time that I've ever printed

invitations I ordered them as photos

usually through Costco just make sure to

print them add a lustre finish and not

glossy makes them look more like

invitations rather than a picture there

they are

those are my thirteen tips for throwing

an unforgettable party on a budget but I

want to know how do you save money when

you're throwing a party let's chat about

that down in the comments below if you

guys like this video don't forget to

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start living your pro life thank you

guys so much for watching and I'll talk

to you very soon