How to Clip a Parrot's Wings: Easy Steps!

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hi everyone welcome back today I'm going

to show you how to clip a parrots wings

and I'm gonna demonstrate on my little

parrot let little beam the feathers that

we're going to be clipping are the

flight feathers that you can see coming

out right here you're gonna need four

things you're gonna need your bird of

course and you're going to need a pair

of very sharp scissors I've opted to use

human hairdressing scissors any sharp

scissors will do you're also gonna need

a very well-lit room and optionally you

can use a towel at the end of the day

it's better to clip less than more what

I normally do is I will clip four of the

primary flight feathers which I'll show

you in a second and then I see how well

the parent leg can still fly if he's

flying way too well almost like I didn't

clip his feathers at all then I'll go

back and I'll clip the 5th primary

feather see these feathers right here

those are the coverts do not cut above

those you have to cut below so I'm gonna

cut one two three four

I'm gonna cut for the closer you cut the

less they're gonna be able to fly what

I'd recommend though definitely start

with less so I'm going to clip for any

clip and right here done okay now I'm

gonna clip up on the other side remember

you gotta clip it evenly on both sides

so again the coverts are right there see

them right here don't clip above those

so I'm going to click for sorry honey

one two three four the same spot there

so I'm gonna click this little yellow

female okay so click this one CMT one

two three four and I'm gonna clip at the

same spot so notice this side this

little girl has a little feather that's

in the process of growing out you see

this little feather here it's not as

long as the rest do not ever clip one of

these little growing

there's they will bleed profusely so I'm

gonna clip around it

1 2 3 4 find a clip up till here so this

little girl can still fly if she just

flew away from me this is the fifth

feather and I'm gonna clip this on her

cuz she is flying extraordinarily well

with 4 cut left first check whether your

bird can still fly and if they can't if

they can still like totally fly like you

didn't do anything then you can clip

more but again you don't want them to

fall like a brick right to the ground

you want them to still fly enough but

they're not gonna hurt themselves so you

can see the culverts again right up here

she has a little feather growing and see

the second one from the end so I'm not

gonna want touch that one so I'm going

to clip around it I need to do five on

this girl cuz I know she will still be

able to fly so you see she's got another

new feather there so we'll cut around

that new feather

and then I will cut these two right here

there so to recap

less is more in my examples I clipped

between four to five feathers on mine

parrots you may wish to clip less you

may wish to clip more but make sure you

clip less and test and see if it's

actually needed the second thing is do

not clip feathers above the role of

covert feathers you'll hurt your bird

the third thing is do not clip any of

the new growth feathers if they're

growing in leave them until they're

fully grown out before you clip them and

the last thing to remember is absolutely

involve your avian vet in this process

well there you have it that's how I clip

my parents wings hope you found this

video informative and interesting and if

you did please go ahead and give this

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thanks very much for watching and we'll

see the next time bye