How to grab/hold a bird in emergency situations

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hi I wanted to post this video just to

try and show some people how you can

hold your bird if something happens or

if you need to get around a sticky

situation so you don't get bit even if

they're scared or being aggressive if

you need to get them out of a situation

really quick and they are gonna bite you

and you just want to try and save them

worried it's just any kind of thing

anything really you can use this so I'm

going to show you with my bird midco he

is about a year and a half old and I've

had on this whole life well I got him

when he was 14 weeks old so mostly so

anyway I have some treats here because

I'm just going to show you how I started

training him so if your bird is

uncomfortable with you going above its

head some birds get uncomfortable you

know just doing this but so first you

would practice just doing that and you

give him treat but Mikko is very good he

I've been working with him his whole

life so what you're gonna do is you grab

them around around their neck under

their chin and you don't have to worry

about strangling them because they they

have a fully fully enclosed trachea so

ours are trachea you can squish it

because we don't have muscles all around

it they have muscles all around it so

you don't have to worry about about

choking them or anything like that so

you know just hold them around their

head just like that below their beak

they can't they can't get you so just

practice that given treat and eventually

they'll get used to you holding them

like that and if you ever need to get

them out of a situation maybe they're

stuck in their their toy or you know

your dog is on top of them or anything

like that and they're scared so they're

gonna bite anybody so that's a good way

to get them out of that such

without you getting hurt and without

them getting hurt also you can use that

hold to you know cut their wing or trim

their wings cut their nails basically

anything I pretty much grab them like

that quite often actually you know get

some use to it and you know you know I

don't do it hard so he knows that I'm

not gonna hurt him or anything like that

and usually he'll just let me do it you

know any kind of situation so again you

know if they're kind of going at you too

you can just grab them pretty fast and

just make sure it's right under their

chin so they can't get you with their

beak and that's it if you have any

questions let me know and I'll try and

answer them I work at an avian vet so

this that's how we hold Birds when we do

their wings or nails at the clinic and

also just to do the exam you know the

vet that will hold him like that I'll

hold him like that for the vet I'll just

hold him up like that the vet will do

her you know her little exam just you

want to make sure not to put your

fingers or anything over their abdomen

chest area because you can't strangle

them that way but just hold them like

this you can't strangle them so there

you go let me know if you have any