01 Guitar Lesson On How To Hold The Guitar

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guitar lessons calm the number one name

in guitar lessons online hey everyone my

name is Nate savage and welcome to the

beginner section of guitar lessons calm

now I had a lot of people emailing me

saying oh the websites great but I'm

just a beginner I don't know where to

start and I don't know what order to

learn things in or what order to start

you know watching the videos and so what

I want to do is kind of put a crash

course for beginner guitar players

together and just have you know a series

of about 12 videos that let you know the

most important things you need to know

in order to become a guitarist to start

playing the guitar for yourself at the

end of the 12 lessons I'm we're gonna

learn a song we'll have you up and

running enough to where you can play

through a song a song that's easy enough

for you to play but at the same time

it's a really cool song I think I'll

leave it for a surprise until the end

because I've had a lot of requests for

it too

so with that in mind work your way

through all of these lessons all twelve

lessons and at the end once you finish

all of them you should have a good solid

foundation and you can start with all

the rest of the beginner guitar section

and guitar lessons calm and you should

have a really good foundation and a good

idea of what you need to go to next but

first the first thing we're gonna do

first thing you have to learn is how to

hold your guitar is a guitar player you

can look at a guitar all day it's not

gonna do you need get if you got to pick

it up and hold it so I'm just gonna give

you a couple quick tips on some things

that I've seen some beginners do that's

not really good for them or it's not

really great way to hold your guitar a

lot of times I'll see you beginner the

big slots and down it'll be trying to

look at the top of the guitar right I

mean obviously you have to look where to

pick your hands where strum everything

but you know eventually which is

hopefully from the beginning you want to

pull that guitar into you close over

your right leg when you play the guitar

of your right leg it's what we call the

casual method of holding the guitar so

put it over your right leg if you want

and then reach around with your right

arm pull it in close just to make sure

it doesn't move around and try not to

slouch or have the guitar leaning too

far for like this

sit up straight if you can you know it's

always a challenge to set up straight

all the time but sit up straight good

posture pull the guitar line close to

you and that's really the first thing

you get gotta know and you have to be

able to do to start playing the guitar

is hold it properly now a lot of people

will play the classical method of

playing which is over their left leg

it's a little bit I don't wanna say it's

harder but it takes a little more energy

at least for me to sit up like this and

it's a little more comfortable for me to

use the casual method in most acoustic

guitar players are gonna be more

comfortable using the casual method so

we're gonna stick with this one for now

if you want to use the classical method

where you rest it over your other leg do

the same thing bring it in close to your

body bring your arm around the top hold

it in with that and then you've been a

good position to start playing also if

you want to stand up and play that's

fine too but you have to have a strap

for that and you know a strap can cost

you know from seven bucks to you know a

hundred bucks if it's a leather one but

most straps are about twenty or

twenty-five bucks you want to grab one

of those too so pick up your guitar make

sure you have that good posture we're

talking about pull the guitar and close

practice that a little bit and we'll

pick it up on the next lesson