Affordalife HACK | How to Securely Install a BedSkirt (without hurting yourself or the bedskirt!)

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hello and welcome to my channel today

I'm going to be sharing with you how I

install a bedskirt by myself without

tearing the bedskirt and without the

leaking playback so you can see the last

bedskirt that I took off my bed is

completely torn and tattered and that's

after years of pulling and tugging at it

so you're gonna need some thumbtacks and

work these are nail button heads that I

have here from another project that I

had worked on so these are just like you

know regular thumbtack looking they're

probably a little bit stronger than that

to go into wood so you may want to pick

up something similar to that so that you

end up having a secure hold while you

are bedskirt to your mattress base so

look at this thing that I just took off

my bed it is horrific

let's go on in here and start pulling

the mattress off the bed we want to inch

it off side by side you don't want to

drag it completely this is where the

part comes in where you're not breaking

the back then you're gonna get your

thumbtacks or your nail heads and you're

going to spread the new bed skirt so

this is a totally new bed skirt same

color but I do love these crazy bed

skirts I feel like they last pretty long

and you don't have to worry too much

about them I'm getting too much dust or

getting dirty so what you're gonna do is

you're gonna start going in with those

nail heads and you're gonna just put a

decent spacing on them and you're gonna

go around the perimeter off the bed just

installing those some nail heads and

you're gonna do this around all four off

the sides and then if you have a base

base for your bed bed split in two like

I have you also want to make sure that


all the way down the middle as well so

this will ensure that your bedskirt is

securely fastened to your bag so once

you start doing the motion you won't

have them pulling out so take a look at

that this is all the nail buttons that I

have installed they're all in there you

can see them down the middle of the bed

and you can see them all around the

perimeter so now that we've done that

it's nice it's a cure we can start kind

of shimmying the mattress back onto the

bed now you want to be very careful when

you're doing this because you don't want

to rip it at all but if you've installed

it a pretty decent spacing and well into

the wooden part of your base port the

base part of your bed then you should

all be you should be all set so now that

the fat breaking part is done you can

kind of meet people and meet and do all

the happy dance that you didn't pass out

throughout this process and once that's

done you can take a look at your and

they sling so bed skirt it is only

evenly hung around the bed and then you

can go ahead and put on your bedding and

admire your handiwork now in the past

when I had tried to do this without this

pack I would have called the bed skirt

all over the bed torn it up it would

have been pretty much a disaster but now

that we've used those nail heads to

safely secure the bed skirt were able to

install the mattress and the bedding

move around that sort of thing

without completely having the bed skirt

fall apart so I hope this helped someone

thank you so much for watching and see

you next time